If you like steamed recipes in your every day meal try these  10 Healthy Idli recipes .  You can pack for Kids Lunch Box too . Some recipes are Instant which doesn’t need Soaking and Fermentation . Just mix the Ingredients and Steam . Some Idli recipes need Soaking for 3 hours and 5 minutes Grinding and Fermenting Overnight . So Idli will be soft and fluffy at room temperature . These recipes need 15 minutes Preparation time and Steaming time – 13 minutes. I can say these idli recipes are HEALTHY and Easy to prepare with every day Ingredients from your pantry and no need to stay  in the Kitchen to prepare Breakfast / Kids Lunch Box . Instant Idli can be packed with Home made Pickles like MANGO and MIXED VEGETABLE PICKLE  and Coconut Yogurt Raita and Fermented Idli’s can be packed with Coconut Chutney or  Carrot Chuntey ,or Onion Chutney  or Coconut Yogurt Raita and Instant Vegetable Sambar or add finely chopped VEGETABLES in the BATTER before steaming.

If your Kids trouble to eat their Breakfast try these Recipes ( Self feeding Breakfast)

FERMENTED BATTER : Keep the batter in the Oven overnight  for fermenting. If not fermented try to keep batter at 4 p.m in the evening , so it will ferment perfectly . 

POUR a Big spoonful of  batter in the IDLI MOULDS( Grease the plates with Oil before pouring the batter ) . Fill the pressure cooker with 2 measuring cups water . Place the Idli stand in the  Pressure cooker and cook for 13 minutes without Steamer .  After 13 minutes Switch off the stove and Let the Pressure comes down , then open the lid and take out the Idli’s with the help of a Wet Steel spoon.

11. JOWAR MIXED DAL IDLI with INSTANT VEGETABLE SAMBAR . NO RICE ADDED . Useful for those who want to avoid rice in their diet. Ferment the batter to enjoy Soft and Fluffy Idli’s. Soak ( 3 hours) , Grind ( 5 minutes in a regular Blender) and Ferment Overnight .


1. INSTANT CABBAGE IDLI :  Need 3 main Ingredients . Just mix everything and Steam for 13 Minutes. They taste good on their own or Serve or Pack with Homemade Mango Pickle .

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/2016/08/26/Instant cabbage Idli 

2. MIXED DAL IDLI with LENTILS and BROWN BASAMTI RICE or DALIYA( CRACKED WHEAT ) or QUINOA .  4 Lentils and Brown Basmati Rice. Soak Dals ( Lentils) for 3 hours and Grind ( It will take 5 minutes for Grinding ) and Ferment Overnight . So you can enjoy soft and Fluffy idli’s . With same Idli’s you can prepare Vegetable Upma by Crumbling Idli’s and adding Vegetables. Pack with Coconut Yogurt raita.


3. INSTANT CAULIFLOWER IDLI. MIX all the Ingredients and steam for 13 minutes. Doesn’t need any Chutney . They taste good on their own or Pack with Homemade Mixed Vegetable Pickle and Coconut Yogurt(curd) Raita. Easy way to sneak in Beans and Veggies for Kids .


4. URAD DAL IDLI with MIXED NUTS CHUTNEY and COCONUT YOGURT ( CURD) RAITA . Need Soaking , Grinding ( Just 5 minutes ) and Ferment Overnight to enjoy soft and fluffy Idli’s . Serve or Pack with MIXED NUTS CHUTNEY and COCONUT YOGURT RAITA . Perfect Combination for Idli .



5. INSTANT IDLI WITH INDIAN BROAD BEANS. Easy to hide some Veggies in the form of Idli . Mix everything and prepare Idli’s. Pack with  Home made Mixed vegetable pickle and Coconut Yogurt (Curd) Raita.


6. STUFFED IDLI prepared with Idli batter with a Surprise stuffing in between . Just pack with Coconut Raita. Perfect combination for Stuffed Idli’s. Soak , Grind and ferment batter Overnight . Prepare the stuffing and Coconut Raita night before and refrigerate. It takes 5 minutes to pour batter in the Idli mould’s and Steam for 13 minutes. Simple and easy recipe which you can prepare in less time and taste good too. 


7. INSTANT WHOLE WHEAT VERMICELLI IDLI with BEANS and VEGETABLES . Except Soaking for 15 minutes. They taste good on their own. Or else pack with Homemade Salsa or Coconut Yogurt(Curd) Raita.

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/2015/10/07/Instant vermicelli idli

8. STEAMED DUMPLINGS prepared with different flours and Grated vegetables . No need to rest the dough . After steaming I panfried for Crispy Dumplings . Serve with ketchup.


9. INSTANT OATS POHA IDLI. Pack with Instant Vegetable Sambar .


10. GREEN MOONG DAL IDLI WITH DALIYA(CRACKED WHEAT) OR BROWN BASMATI RICE. WITH INSTANT VEGETABLE SAMBAR. Soak for 3 hours , Grind( 5 minutes) and Ferment overnight . I tried 3 combinations and Shared in the Post . 


10. STEAMED DESSERT. Spend 5 minutes for Grinding and Steam for 13 to 15 minutes and enjoy a Tasty Dessert with less work with Oats and Nuts .

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/2016/09/17/Pan fried 



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