Sometimes we run out of ideas what to prepare for Breakfast . Here are 10 Healthy Indian Breakfast recipes with LESS GRAINS and Cooking time – Less than 15 minutes. These Breakfasts keep you full and satisfied till next meal . Spend 15 minutes for preparing Day before and enjoy a Healthy Breakfast with less work. 

            10 Healthy Indian Breakfast recipes and our family favorites . Some  Breakfast recipes are Instant and some need SOAKING  lentils and grains ( STEAMED BREAKFAST) for 3 Hours and GRINDING  for 5 minutes in regular Blender and FERMENTING overnight. The batter will stay good for 5 days in the refrigerator .  These Breakfast recipes are very easy to prepare in the morning with  15 minutes COOKING TIME if you do PREPARATION Day before for 15 minutes. These are HEALTHY BREAKFAST RECIPES which keeps you full and satisfied till next Meal.


1. MIXED DAL DOSA WITH LESS RICE  ( Brown Basmati rice) and Mixed Dal dosa with Daliya and Mixed dal Dosa with Quinoa. 

                   are Healthy Breakfast recipes to start your day . Prepared with Lentils and grains . SOAK for 3 hours , GRIND ( It will take 5 minutes in a regular Blender) and FERMENT overnight . Fermentation helps in Protein digestion and Dosa( Pancakes)  will taste good. The Batter will stay good for more than 5 days. You can prepare Dosa , Uttapam ( Vegetable Pancakes) and Spicy Onion Dosa. 

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/Mixed dal dosa 

QUINOA MIXED DAL DOSA prepared with Lentils and Quinoa. You don’t need to ferment because sometimes Quinoa turns bitter. Soak , Grind and prepare Dosa .

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/Quinoa Mixed dal dosa

DALIYA ( CRACKED WHEAT) MIXED DAL DOSA prepared with Lentils and Daliya ( Cracked wheat) . Soak , Grind and Ferment to enjoy tasty Dosa .



                            is an Instant Breakfast recipe and keeps you  full and satisfied till next meal. You can prepare with Red rice Poha or Brown rice Poha or Poha( flattened rice ) of your choice.

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/2016/Rainbow Poha


                is a Steamed Breakfast recipe prepared with Lentils and Brown Basmati rice or Daliya( Cracked Wheat) or Quinoa. Soak for 3 Hours, Grind for 5 minutes in regular blender and Ferment overnight to enjoy Soft and Fluffy Idli’s for Breakfast . 

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/2017/05/11/Mixed dal idli

4. GREEN MOONG DAL IDLI WITH BROWN BASMATI RICE OR DALIYA( CRACKED WHEAT) is a Steamed Breakfast recipe . Soak Lentils and Grains for 3 hours , Grind( it will take 5 minutes in a regular Blender) and ferment overnight to enjoy a Soft and fluffy Idli’s . Serve with Coconut chutney or Coconut Raita or Vegetable Sambar or Onion Chutney 


5. 3 INSTANT RED RICE POHA DOSA MIX POWDERS. Stays good for months if stored in a glass container. Comes in handy when you don’t have an idea what to Prepare for Breakfast. Just add water and Salt and finely chopped vegetables. or sprinkle Vegetables on top of Dosa. 

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/2017/08/17/3 Instant 

6. RICE FLOUR MOONG DAL PATTIES is an Instant Crispy  Breakfast recipe prepared with 5 Ingredients . Just mix everything and prepare Patties. No need of resting the dough . My kids favorite Breakfast. 


7. 3 INSTANT OATS DOSA mix powders. They stay good for months if stored in Glass container . Just mix water and add finely chopped vegetables . Helpful for my family to prepare their own Breakfast as it is Instant . I tried 3 combinations and shared in the post. 


8. PICKLED WHOLE WHEAT VEGETABLE VERMICELLI is an Instant recipe . It is different from regular Vermicelli recipe. You are going to like the taste . My kids call it as Skinny  Pasta.

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/pickled vegetable vermicelli

9. SEMOLINA ( Sooji) RAGI UPMA is an Instant Breakfast  recipe and you are going to like the combination of ingredients I used and lot of vegetables. 


10. CAULIFLOWER PATTIES WITH OATS. If you are bored of eating Oats with Milk and Fruit try these Instant Cauliflower Patties with Oats. Kids won’t say no for Breakfast and easy way to sneak in Veggies .





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