JOWAR MIXED DAL IDLI AND DOSA – Same Batter 6 recipes – No rice added with INSTANT  LAUKI ( GREEN SQUASH ) ZUCCHINI  VEGETABLE SAMBAR. ( Idli , Dosa , Uttapam , Spicy Onion Dosa , Tangy fritters, Paniyaram,  Jowar Idli Upma with vegetables) . SOFT and FLUFFY IDLI’S. ENJOY for any Meal. 

A classic South Indian food Idli is prepared with Lentils, Idli rava or Idli rice is good source of Carbohydrates , Protein and is fermented . In today’s recipe instead of rice I tried with jowar and Lentils . Though it is a South Indian food it is liked by people around the world. Jowar is high in fiber compared to other grains. Jowar is the Indian name for Sorghum a cereal grain native to Africa. It is cultivated in 99 countries in the world. Major production share contributed by the African countries. Second and third Positions are Nigeria and India.

                   Jowar is good for People trying to loose weight . It is high in fiber which lowers the risk of Obesity , Diabetes , Cholesterol and digestive Problems.One cup serving of Jowar contains 12 grams of Dietary fiber which is 43 percent daily allowance of fiber for average adult as recommended by Food and Nutrition Board.  Good source of Iron . You can increase the Iron you absorb from Jowar by eating it with Vitamin C . without adequate Iron you may be more likely to develop anemia. Jowar contains tannin an agent found in the Coating of the seeds in dark Jowar grains which prevents the body from absorbing the Protein , Vitamins and minerals . Remove the seed coating of the Jowar prior to eating or consume only Yellow or white Jowar which contains relatively low quantity of tannin. 

Protein is one of the macro nutrients your body needs to function properly ( along with fat and carbohydrates) . Our body needs 22 different types of amino acids to function properly . 13 are non essential amino acids ( within the body) and 9 are essential amino acids must be obtained from food. These essential amino acids derive the classification of Protein as complete and incomplete .Complete protein comes from both animal based 9 like meat , fish , diary and eggs) and plant based ( Quinoa , buckwheat , hemp and Chia seeds). Nuts , seeds, legumes , grains and vegetables are considered incomplete protein . They need to combine to provide the right balance of essential amino acids like rice and beans, Hummus with whole grain pita etc. Protein in combination make a complete amino acid profile are known as complementary Protein. 

Fermented foods contain good bacteria and offers wide range of Health benefits . Fermented foods improve gut Health and immune system , Synthesize and increase bio availability of nutrients reduces the symptoms of Lactose intolerence and reduces certain types of diseases. Source : HM 

Recipe for 24 Idli’s .

Preparation time( Soaking Lentils ( 3 Hours) , Grinding ( 5 minutes in a regular Blender) and Ferment Overnight .

STEAMING TIME : 12 Minutes



1. Jowar flour – 1 cup

2. Urad dal – 1 cup

3. Channa dal – 1/2 cup

4. Yellow Moong dal – 1/2 cup

5. green Moong dal – 1/2 cup

6. fenu greek seeds – 1/2 tbsp

7. Salt

8. Water for Grinding

9. Oil to grease the Plates

10 . Finely chopped Vegetables 


1. Soak Dals for 3 to 4 Hours. Wash before and after soaking. Grind with Water and Salt . Transfer to a Bowl . Now add Jowar flour and mix with Spoon or Hand without Lumps. Add little water if needed.

2. Ferment Overnight. If not fermented leave for 2 more hours. You can enjoy soft and fluffy idli if batter is fermented properly .

3. Grease Idli Plates with Oil . Pour 2 big spoonfuls batter in each mould .

4. Fill the pressure cooker with water and keep the idli stand inside the Pressure cooker. Cover with lid and Steam for 12 minutes without whistle .

5. After 12 minutes Switch off the stove. Wait for 10 minutes . When Pressure comes down take out Idli plates . Remove idli’s with wet steel Spoon .

                     SERVE with INSTANT VEGETABLE SAMBAR. 



  1. Thanks for sharing the valuable information. One peculiar thing I would like to say …your recepies are made from ingredients that are very easily available. Yet the recepies are something different and nice

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