DIWALI DESSERTS – Sweet potato coconut rolls, Coconut Pistachio rolls, Adirasam ( Short cut method)  and Spinach vada. Easy Dessert recipes prepared with 5 ingredients . All ingredients you can find easily in your pantry .Preparation and cooking time – Less than 30 minutes 

Last week I shared Coconut Pistachio Ladoo . I thought I would try with different flavors ( like Apple, Pear, Carrot or Beetroot ) as I have sweet potatoes in my household( I buy big bag for everyday cooking) . I realized that I didn’t try any dessert with sweet potato, so I gave it a try . The rolls turned out tasty . You don’t need to spend much time to Cook as it took less than 20 minutes to prepare. I made this with 8 Ingredients that you will have in your pantry . Try for Diwali and you can pack for Kids Lunch Box and after school snack. Here is the recipe . 

Some of the Diwali recipes that I prepared .  Sweet potato Coconut Rolls , Coconut pistachio Ladoo , Adirasam ( Short cut method) No need of Soaking and Grinding rice. They almost taste the same . Recipe for 20 Adirasam . No need to rest the dough . Shallow fried in Minimum Oil . SPINACH VADA .


RECIPE for 20 Medium rolls .

Preparation time and Cooking time :   20 minutes


One cup = Measuring Cup 

1. Sweet Potato – 2 ( Cooked and Mashed ) ( Wrap Sweet potato in wet paper towel and cook in Microwave for 3 minutes ( 1 +1+1 ) stop microwave for every one minute. 

2. Dry coconut – 1 1/2 cup

3. Jaggery – 3/4 th cup or accordingly

4. Milk – 2 cups 

5. Ghee – 1 tbsp

6. Sooji ( Semolina) – 3 tbsp or Fine Wheat rava or Roasted Upma mix or Wheat ladoo flour .

7. Cardamom – 6 ( Powdered )

8. Chopped Mixed nuts – 1/2 cup


1.Dry roast Sooji in 1/4 th tbsp Ghee and transfer to a Bowl .

2. In a wide pan add Dry coconut ,  Cooked and mashed Sweet potato , Milk and Powdered Jaggery . Mix and cook on a Medium high flame for 5 minutes. Stir in between to avoid the burning.

3. After 5 to 7 minutes  add roasted Sooji ( Semolina) and ghee . Cook until it thickens ( say 5 minutes) .

4. Add chopped nuts and Cardamom . Mix well and Switch off the stove.

5.Cool before you make rolls. 

COCONUT PISTACHIO LADOO . Chewy and tasty . 5  Ingredients with very less Cooking time . Preparation time : 5 minutes . 


ADIRASAM ( SHORT CUT METHOD) with SPINACH VADA / No need to Soak rice and Grind. No need to rest the dough. Preparation time- 10 minutes . Cooking time – 15 minutes 


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