Jowar Vegetable Upma – Kids Lunch Box /Dinner with Plain Yogurt , Coconut Pistachio Ladoo and Sliced cucumber 

We like to eat IDLI ( Steamed cakes prepared with Lentils and Grains) for Breakfast. I tried 10 different Idli recipes( I shared Link at the end of my post) for Breakfast and sometimes I pack for Kids Lunch Box. (They taste good at room temperature. I pack with Mixed Nuts chutney or Coconut raita. Perfect combination for idli ). When ever I prepare Idli for Breakfast I cook extra for Dinner. We eat for Breakfast . For Dinner I crumble idli ‘s and add good amount of Vegetables , raw mango or juice of Lime and cooked Beans . It almost taste like Lime Rice but a healthy version . My kids like to eat with Plain Yogurt and I don’t need  to worry about feeding vegetables for dinner/Weekend Lunch . In today’s recipe I prepared Idli with Lentils and Jowar flour . Ferment Overnight for soft and fluffy Idli’s  . Here is the Simple recipe you can prepare in less time if you have cooked Idli’s ( Preparing Idli is not difficult. Soak ( 3 hours) , Grind( 5 minutes in a regular Blender ) and Ferment over night ( Fermentation helps in Protein digestion) 

             Jowar is high in fiber compared to other grains . Whole jowar kernels can be steamed , Boiled , ground into flour and can can be added to prepare Roti’s ( Indian Bread) . It is good for people trying to loose weight . High in fiber which lowers the risk of Obesity , Diabetes , Cholesterol and digestive problems . One serving of Jowar contains 12 grams of dietary fiber which is 43 percent daily allowance of fiber for average adult as recommended . Jowar contains tannins an agent found in the coating of the seeds in dark jowar grains which prevents the body from absorbing the protein , vitamins and minerals . Remove the seed coating of jowar prior to eating or consume only Yellow or white Jowar which contains relatively low quantities of tannins.

Pack for Kids Lunch Box with Plain Yogurt( Curd) , Sliced Cucumber and Coconut Pistachio Ladoo  or Fruit .

Recipe Link for Coconut Pistachio Ladoo:

Recipe Link : 

Recipe for 4 . Preparation time : 15 minutes  Cooking time : 10 minutes



1. Crumbled Jowar Idli’s – 8 

Recipe Link for JOWAR IDLI :

2. Onion – Medium ( finely chopped)

3. Grated carrots and vegetables of your choice

4. Green peas – One cup cooked 

5. Green chillies – 3 ( Mild or zero spicy) and Ginger – chopped small piece

6. Oil – 2 tbsp

7. Roasted Peanuts – Handful

8. curry leaves and Finely chopped coriander

9. Seasoning – Black Split Urad dal , Mustard seeds and Cumin seeds – 1/2 tbsp each , Hing – Pinch and Broken Red chillies – 4

10 . Grated Raw mango or Juice of Lime . 11. Rasam Powder or Curry Powder or sambar powder – 1/2 tbsp to 1 tbs 


1. Heat 2  tbsp Oil and add Mustard seeds followed by Black split Urad dal , Cumin seeds, Broken red chillies , Green chillies , Ginger , curry leaves and Onions .

2. Once Onions are light Brown add finely chopped vegetables .

3. When vegetables are cooked add Green Peas, Grated carrots and Crumbled Jowar idli . Mix gently . Add salt and Curry powder .

4. Switch off the stove .

5. Add finely chopped coriander leaves, Grated raw mango or Juice of Lime and roasted Peanuts. Mix well . Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly . 




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