Stuffing for Puran Poli( Short cut Method)  – Instant Pot – Not Deep Fried with 2 different fillings .

Do you like Puran Poli and don’t like to do all that work. I tried a short cut method to cook in IP . Once you cook in Instant Pot you don’t need to cook any more on the stove  top or in IP after you unplug it . . If you feel the Stuffing is little runny after mixing with Jaggery add some ROASTED GRAM FLOUR . Taste for sweetness and add accordingly . Left over stuffing can stay good in Freezer and enjoy it when ever you crave for Puran Poli or Prepare ahead of time during festival time. Instead of stuffing in Wheat flour or APF flour ( which sometimes dries out ) I dipped  in Dosa Batter ( Prepared with Lentils and Brown Basmati Rice  ) and  I  fried  in PANIYARAM PAN . You can prepare 6 in less than 10 minutes( So easy to flip from cavity to cavity ). They are tasty with Crispy outer covering and tasty filling. The Dosa batter must be thick to coat the balls . You can add some APF flour or WHEAT flour or RICE flour to the Dosa Batter for thickness. Here is the Simple recipe for Stuffing and Dosa Batter . You can cook in PANIYARAM PAN or SHALLOW FRY them with minimum Oil . I liked cooking in Paniyaram Pan and no compromise in taste. I even wrap with Bread and Pan fry or in PANIYARAM Pan . 

NOTE : You can add Raisins , Dates and Jaggery for Sweetner . Check ANOTHER METHOD .

Recipe for 15 .


1. Channa Dal – 1 Measuring cup

2. Water – 1/2 cup

3. Ghee – 1/2 tbsp

4. Jaggery – 1 Cup

5. Cardamom Powder

6.Roasted Nuts – Cashews and Pistachio’s ( Chopped )

7. Dry Coconut – Handful

8. Powdered roasted Gram flour ( Chutney dal)  – (accordingly )1/2 cup or more 



                  Transfer Soaked Channa Dal to Pressure cooker . Add water and Pressure cook for 3 whistles. When Pressure comes down transfer to a Bowl . Cool and add Jaggery , Dry coconut, Chopped nuts, Cardamom and Ghee – 1/2 to 1 tbsp . Add POWDERED ROASTED CHANNA DAL AS REQUIRED( Powder One measuring cup and add accordingly )  . No need to cook further. You will be able to shape the Ball. 


1. Soak Channa dal . Wash 3 to 4 times. Add to IP pot . Add Water and Ghee .

2. Close the lid .  Manual  10 minutes. When you see Low . Unplug it . NPR .

3. When you see Silver button drops open the lid carefully .

4. Take out the pot and mash the dal with potato masher or Steel Spoon .

5. Cool it and add Powdered Jaggery , Cardamom powder, Dry coconut , Chopped nuts.

6. If needed add  powdered Roasted Channa Dal ( Chutney Dal) . So it is easy to shape them into  balls and absorbs extra moisture .

7. Keep refrigerated till you are ready to prepare .


                      With Dates , Raisins and Jaggery 

5. Once you mash the cooked Channa dal cool it.

6. Grind 1/2 cup roasted channa dal with 1/4 th cup roasted  sesame seeds, 1/2 cup raisins , Dates, Cardamom  and Jaggery .

7. Add the  powder to cooled Channa dal along with dry coconut ( 2 handfuls )  and Chopped NUTS ( Cashews , Pistachio’s and Almonds)  . Mix well. Taste for sweetness and add accordingly . Grease your hands with little Ghee and take Lemon size filling  , shape them into balls . 


1. Use Dosa Batter ( Prepared with Lentils and Rice. Soak Urad Dal – 1/2 cup , Channa dal – 1/4th cup and rice – 1/2 cup  . Soak for an hour. Grind into smooth batter.  Batter must be thick to coat the Balls. Or you can add some APF flour or WHEAT FLOUR to the batter  .

You can use PANIYARAM PAN if you don’t want to shallow fry : 


 Grease Paniyaram pan cavities with little Oil .Take Lemon size of the filling . Shape into round ball . Dip in Dosa Batter . MAKE sure the batter is coated well. Drop slowly in each cavity . Prepare 6 at a time . So it will be easy to roll into other cavities. Cook on medium flame. When the bottom is light brown , flip into another cavity . Cook on four sides. If needed drizzle Oil on each . Enjoy Warm or at Room temperature.