Jowar /Bajra Mixed dal Idli – Instant pot with Mixed Nuts Chutney and Short Cut Vegetable Sambar

Serve these Soft and Fluffy Jowar / Bajra Idli with Mixed Nuts Chutney or with Short Cut Vegetable Sambar . Note :  Grease the steel bowl before pouring the batter .Pour One inch thick batter in steel Bowl . So it will cook evenly . Un mould once cooled . Like regular idli .

We like to eat Idli for Breakfast as I grew up eating them every single day and for any meal  .  Couple of months back I tried Idli with Jowar and Bajra instead of rice. They didn’t fail me. They are soft and fluffy . You can’t find any difference from regular Idli. Serve with Mixed nuts Chutney or with Vegetable sambar for Dinner. You can enjoy these for any meal . They stay good for 4 to 5 days. You can enjoy Instant Breakfast by warming for a minute in the Microwave Oven. If you don’t like cleaning Idli plates ( though we wash in dish washer we need to clean a little before ) try to cook in One Bowl as shown in the Picture and One bowl to clean at the end of the Breakfast . . Pour batter 2 inches so it will get steamed perfectly . You can even prepare Mixed Nuts Chutney and Vegetable sambar in advance and they stay good for few days. Ferment the batter to enjoy Soft and Fluffy Idli’s . Here is the recipe.

Fermented foods contain good bacteria and offers wide range of Health Benefits . Fermented foods improve gut bacteria and offers a wide range of Health Benefits . Improves gut health and immune system , synthesize and increase bio availability of nutrients , reduces the symptoms of Lactose intolerance and reduce certain types of diseases . 

Jowar is good for people trying to loose weight . High in fiber and lowers the risk of obesity , diabetes , Cholesterol and digestive problems. One cup serving of Jowar contains 12 grams of dietary fiber which is 43 percent daily allowance of fiber for an average adult and recommended by Food and Nutrition Board. Good source of iron. You can increase the Iron you absorb from Jowar by eating with Vitamin C . Without adequate Iron you may more likely develop anemia . Jowar contains tannin an agent found in the coating of the seeds in dark jowar grains which prevents the body from absorbing the protein, vitamins and minerals . Remove the seed coating of the jowar prior to eating or consume only yellow or white jowar which contains relatively low quantity of tannin. Source : HM 


Recipe for 24 Idli’s . Preparation time : Soaking ( 3 hours) Grind ( 5 minutes) and ferment overnight .


1. Jowar flour – 1 cup

2 . Urad dal – 1 cup

3. Channa dal – 1/2 cup

4. Yellow Moong dal – 1/2 cup

5. Green Moong dal – 1/2 cup

6. Fenugreek seeds

7. Salt

8. Water for grinding .

9. Oil for greasing Idli plates 


1. Soak dals .Wash before and after Soaking. Grind with enough water and salt. Transfer the batter to a Bowl and add Jowar flour . Mix with steel spoon or with hand without lumps. If needed add water.

2. Ferment Overnight. If not fermented leave for 2 more hours. You can enjoy soft and fluffy idli’s if batter is fermented properly .

3. Grease Idli moulds with Oil and pour 3 tbsp batter . Note : if your trying in Steel Bowl . Grease the Bowl with Oil or Ghee and pour batter One inch thick . So it will cook evenly . Cool and Un mould like regular idli .

4. Pour water in Instant pot and keep the idli stand . Close the idli .

5. Steam mode wth Vent open . After 12 minutes unplug .After sometime  open the lid carefully without dripping water .

6. Take out the Idli stand . Cool for few minutes . Take out Idli’s with  wet steel spoon .

                                  SERVE with Vegetable Sambar or Mixed Nuts Chutney .


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