Paneer Vegetable Masala Biryani with Vegetable Raita  – Instant Pot with Spinach Chaat – Kids Lunch Box / Dinner/ Weekend Lunch 

   What to add to rice to make it flavorful One pot meal. This is how I like to cook  Biryani when we want to eat something flavorful and Spicy .Spices can transform simple rice and vegetables into flavorful meal and contributes bright color and sensational aroma . Once finished cooking your kitchen will be full of aroma and spike your hunger . Simple recipe to pack for Lunch Box  or for Weekend Lunch or for Dinner . Just add everything to the pot and will be ready in less than 15 minutes. Don’t forget to add the Masala Paste . It adds nice flavor and taste to the Biryani . Once I finished cooking I felt there are more vegetables than rice. I prepared this over the weekend along with Spinach Chaat and it is not deep fried. Just follow my recipe to enjoy this tasty One pot meal with Vegetable raita and Papad .


1. Basamati rice – 1 cup

2. Masala paste –  grind  roasted cumin seeds , poppy seeds with 2 tbsp coconut , Cloves, Cardamom , Small stick of Cinnamon into fine powder and then add  Green chillies , Red chillies , Garlic ,ginger and little water into fine paste.

3. Water – 1 1/2 cup

4. Salt

5. Oil – 2 tbsp and Ghee – 1 tbsp 

6. Vegetables – Onion – thinly sliced , Cauliflower florets , Beans , Carrots , Few slices of Colored Bell peppers, Potato – 1 or 2 ( Peeled and Chopped) and Brocolli florets ( few)

7. Chopped Tomatoes – 2

8. Finely chopped Coriander and Mint leaves

9. Paneer ( Indian cottage cheese ) – 24 ( you can find in Indian grocery stores ) Good source of Protein 

10 . Soya granules – 24 ( Soak in warm water . Fry with tbsp Oil . You can add at the end so they stay Crispy) . You can find in Indian Grocery stores . Good source of protein . 


1. Soak rice for Half hour. Wash before and after soaking. Add water and salt. Taste water for salt and add accordingly .

2. Turn IP on saute mode . Fry soya chunks and transfer to a bowl and fry Paneer ( Optional ) or on stove top  Non stick Pan .

When warm enough add Oil and ghee followed by 1 tbsp Cumin seeds ,chopped Onions. Fry for couple of minutes .

3. Add Masala paste and fry for a minute.  

4. Add all chopped vegetables. Mix well .

5. Add rice with water , Finely chopped coriander and Mint . Mix well .

6. Cancel saute and press rice mode . NPR .  take out the pot and Wait sometime .  transfer to a Pyrex bowl and Mix gently .

7. Add fried Soya chunks and  Pan fried Paneer  to rice before serving  . Mix well . 

                     SERVE with Vegetable raita, Mango Pickle and Papad .


1. Mix chickpea flour , Rice flour with Curry powder or Sambar powder , Ajwain and Salt .

2. Added sufficient water and mix without lumps.

3. The batter must be thick to coat the Spinach leaves .

4. Heat a wide pan on Medium /medium  high flame with little Oil . Spread the Oil with spatula.

5. When warm enough place the spinach leaves dipped in the batter in a single layer .

6. When the bottom is light brown flip them . Drizzle Oil .

7. Once brown and crispy transfer them to a plate.

8. Top with chopped Cucumber , onion and tomato ( Mix these with little salt , Chaat Masala , Juice of half lime ) .

9. Drizzle dates tamarind chutney .



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