Coconut Halwa – Instant pot – 5 Ingredients 


I try at least 3 to 4 Desserts in a month .This is one of the easiest Dessert you can prepare in Instant Pot  . Serve it as Halwa or bind into ladoo’s.  When we cook on stove top we need to stir frequently to avoid burnt bottom. In IP you can transfer the ingredients and finish rest of cooking or do other chores. Once done I added Wheat ladoo  flour to thicken so I don’t need to cook any further.  You can even add roasted Semolina .Tasty Dessert to pack for Lunch Box or for unexpected guests or to satisfy sweet cravings or  to offer for God during festival times  . Here is the Simple recipe prepared with 5 main ingredients . You are going to like the soft texture of Halwa with little bite from nuts in between , Coconut flavor and creamy taste from milk and Jaggery . 


1. Dry coconut – 1 1/2 cup ( Measuring cup)

2. Milk – 2 cups

3. Jaggery – 1 cup

4.Fine wheat rava ( cracked wheat ) or Roasted  wheat Upma mix  or roasted semolina – 1/4 th cup ( You can roast in microwave ) 

5. Ghee –  2  to 3 tbsp

6. Roasted chopped Nuts – 2 handfuls ( Pistachio’s) or Cashews , Almonds and Pistachio’s  and Raisins – Handful 

7. Cardamom – 8 ( Powdered)

8. Need 1/4 th cup sweetner of your choice to add at the end with flour- I recommend Sugar . Combination of jaggery and sugar taste good. ( Raisins or chopped dates or Jaggery ( Brown sugar) or coconut sugar)


1. Add coconut and Milk to a sauce pan . Cook for few minutes . Stir in between to avoid burning. 

2. Add Roasted upma mix  or roasted semolina and Ghee . Mix well .

3. Switch off the stove and add raisins, Cardamom powder, chopped nuts, Jaggery and sugar. Taste for sweetness and add accordingly .


1. Add dry coconut to IP  inner pot , Milk , Cardamom , powdered Jaggery and one  tbsp Ghee  . Mix well .

2. Close the lid . Manual 10 minutes  . Unplug when you see LOW .QPR after 10 to 15 minutes.

3 . Open the lid . Saute mode . ADD  roasted wheat  upma  mix  or roasted semolina and SUGAR . cook until it thickens ( say 3 to 4 minutes) . Stir in between  . Otherwise it will burn. 

4. Add  one more tbsp Ghee and Chopped nuts . Take out steel Pot from Instant Pot . Cool it before you transfer to a Pyrex Bowl . You can shape them into ladoo or cut into squares. 

5. Refrigerate the rest . Warm before you serve .


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