Chickpeas Pasta Salad with Special Ingredient . Kids Lunch Box/ Weekend Lunch /Dinner  – Instant pot – PIP . 5 Ingredients .Tasty and juicy  salad . 

  5 Ingredients Chickpeas Pasta salad with Special Ingredient . Cooked both Chickpeas and Pasta in Instant Pot ( PIP ) . After long weekend I need to pack for Tuesday’s Lunch Box . Something easy and doesn’t need Cooking in the morning. I just soaked Chickpeas . Thinking what combination will be good . Opened my refrigerator to look for Veggies. I have salad Cucumber , Tomatoes and Dressing ( Took the help of store bought sauce. This is my Special Ingredient ) .With these Ingredients , Pasta will be good combination and some Spices. I cooked the Chickpeas and Pasta in Instant Pot night before. Morning I just added thinly sliced Vegetables ( with the help of food processor) , sauce and Spices. Pasta and chickpeas are perfectly cooked with the amount of water I added . I just tasted before packing Lunch Box . It’s Juicy and tasty with perfectly cooked Pasta and chickpeas. You can’t stop with One or two spoons. Kids favorite Pasta chickpeas salad . Here is the Simple recipe prepared with 5 ingredients.

Weekend Lunch / Kids Lunch Box with Mixed milk pudding with Apple 

Recipe :

Good to read :

A healthy adult needs 31 g of fiber each day . Fruits , vegetables, grains and Beans are all natural sources of fiber. The GI index measures how quickly Carbohydrates are released into the body quickly while others are released slowly . Foods with GI value of 55 and under contain slow releasing Carbohydrates and are classed as low GI , Medium GI foods are valued between 56 n 69 while high GI foods have a value of 70 or above . The Carbohydrates with Low GI foods is released into the body slowly . This helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable and you will feel fuller longer between meals . Low GI foods helps to loose weight , reduce risk of heart disease and improve cholesterol levels .Most fruits , grains , beans and vegetables are natural source of fiber and Low in GI .

Half cup cooked Whole wheat -100 calories. Whole grains help you loose weight better because they include fiber . Half cup cooked Chickpeas calories 134 . Chickpeas are healthy way to add more protein and other essentials nutrients to your meals . Beans may also lower your risk for cancer , heart disease and diabetes as well as limiting increases in blood sugar levels after meals . Cucumber 🥒- One Cucumber-45 Calories ( store in a Box with lined paper towel and stays good for more than a week ) . Cucumber with peel is a good source of dietary fiber that helps reduce costipation and offers some protection against colon cancer .Tomato – One medium size tomato 🍅 ( 95 percent) water -32 Calories . Super food for Diabetics. Packed with Vitamin C . Low in carb and Low in calories. Source -HM

Recipe for  2 to 3. PIP cooking 3 qt 

Preparation night before : 10 minutes  .  Morning : Less than 15 minutes 

Note : You can cook Pasta and chickpeas in Pressure cooker in SEPARATE CONTAINERS .


1. Chickpeas – 1/2 measuring cup ( raw) – Soak overnight 

2. Whole grain or Whole wheat  Pasta – 1./2 cup

3. Water to cook Chickpeas – 1 1/2 cup ,  Water to cook Pasta – 2 measuring  cups

4. VEGETABLES :  Sliced Salad cucumber – 1 ( I used food processor ) , Sliced tomato – 1 ( food processor ) or Finely chopped 

5. Salsa – 1/2 cup ( Special ingredient)  I used store bought SALSA 

                   Mix chopped onion , chopped tomato 🍅, Bellpepper with little Salt , Black pepper , Mixed peppers and Lime juice . Leave overnight in the refrigerator or you can use instantly

                                or Store bought Salsa .

6 . Salt , Black pepper , Rasam powder – 1/2 tbsp ( Adds flavor and not spicy for Kids) , MixedI Italian  herbs. and Finely chopped Parsely or Coriander 


1. Pour 1 1/2 measuring cup water in inner pot with washed Chickpeas. Season with salt .

2. Wash Pasta . Transfer to steel Bowl . Add water and season with salt. Place Trivet and Pasta Bowl .

4. Close the IP lid. Manual 10 minutes .  Unplug it when you see LOW . NPR . Open the IP  lid . Discard water from cooked Chickpeas and Pasta. Cool before adding other ingredients .

5. Add thinly sliced Cucumber , Tomato , Salt , Salsa , Black pepper , Mixed herbs and chopped Parsely or coriander. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

               PACK for KIDS LUNCH BOX or for WEEKEND LUNCH or DINNER 


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