Raw Banana Patties for Breakfast /Appetizer

Easy way to feed Raw banana and Beans for my kids . Need to hide in Pancakes and Patties. For a change try these Raw Banana patties for Breakfast. It was hit with my kids. Simple recipe you can prepare with 5  ingredients and  you can even serve as an   appetizer for gatherings or Tea time snack or Pack for Kids Lunch Box  . How much I cook sometimes Raw Banana becomes dry by the time I serve for Lunch or Dinner . So I cooked in Instant pot and the result is perfectly cooked Raw banana with Beans. By the time you can gather other ingredients it will be cooked . Cool and add other ingredients or Do the preparation night before and refrigerate ( Mash the Raw Banana and mix with Spices, Salt  and little Oil. So it won’t discolor ) or Cook freshly before you serve  . Don’t mix the ingredients. Mix them before you Pan fry    . You can Pan fry or  cook in Paniyaram Pan . I cooked Raw Banana and channa dal or Chickpeas or blackeyed Beans  in Instant pot . Cool them before you add other ingredients. You can substitute Channa dal with Chickpeas or Black eyed Beans or Black chickpeas .Serve them with Onions and Lime or with Dates Tamarind chutney or with Ketchup . Try this Simple 5 ingredients recipe for Breakfast or for Tea time snack . 

What I  learned about Beans ? Beans are the only food in the food pyramid to fit into two categories on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid . Legumes are considered both a vegetable and a Protein. During hard times , the bean was used as a meat substitute . During the Great Depression in the United States beans were used as a good source of protein when meat supply was low. They were also used during World War II as a food staple , and after the war bean production soared.The U.S Dry Bean council states that eating beans regularly can promote a Healthy Heart , and the Phytochemicals in Beans may reduce the risk of certain Cancers . Beans have a low calorie count , but tout high fiber content . They can help lower cholesterol and are high in antioxidants , Protein , B vitamins , Iron , Magnesium , Potassium , Copper and zinc , thus making them a must have addition to any household pantry . 

Beans have Low GI which in turn assists in Blood sugar management for those with Diabetes. They offer a good source of energy and the high fiber content can even contribute to a slimmer waistline . Source – HL

Recipe for 20 Medium vada’s . Preparation time – 10 minutes Cooking time – 15 minutes or less ( together less than 30 minutes)



1. Raw Banana – 2  Small cooked and Mashed

                   Note : You can try with Potato or Sweet Potato or combination of Raw Banana and Potato or Combination of Sweet Potato and Raw Banana .  

2. Channa dal – 1 cup ( Cooked) or Black eyed Beans or  Cooked and mashed Chickpeas  or  cooked and Mashed Black chickpeas 

3.  Roasted Semolina ( store bought) – accordingly  and  2 tbsp Chickpea flour Semolina( available from Indain store or Roasted  wheat rava upma mix  ) 

4. Onion – 1 ( finely chopped) , Green chillies -3 ( Chopped or Green chilli paste . Zero spicy) , Chopped ginger , Finely chopped Coriander .

5. Oil –  2 tbsp or less Oil if you cook in Paniyaram Pan or Pan fry them .

6. Spice powders of your choice – Curry powder( Blend of Red chilli powder , coriander and cumin powder , Garlic cloves and fresh Coriander. In MORTAR and PESTOL )  or Rasam powder or Sambar powder 


INSTANT POT : Pour water in main pot . Place Trivet and cook Raw Banana and Channa dal or chickpeas or Blackeyed Beans in separate containers. Manual 7 minutes .  When you see Low unplug it .NPR( 10 minutes) or do QPR and Open the Lid.  . 

PRESSURE COOKER : Cook Raw Banana and Channa dal or Chickpeas or Blackeyed Beans  or Black Chickpeas in separate containers for 3 whistles. 

1. Mash the cooked raw Banana . To this add cooked  and Mashed Channa dal  or Chickpeas or Black eyed Beans , Semolina, Chickpea flour ,Salt , Curry powder , Chopped Onion , Green chillies, Chopped ginger , Chopped coriander. Mix and taste for Salt ,  Spices and add accordingly.

2. Heat Pan on a medium/medium high  flame. Grease the pan with little Oil .Take lemon size ball and shape like patties  and place on the warm pan . Drizzle Oil over the edges . 

3. Fry till golden brown on both sides. .

4. Serve with Onion Lime salad  for Tea time or Dates Tamarind chutney or Ketchup .

Note : You can cook Raw Banana in Instant Pot /Pressure cooker 



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