Black chickpeas Idli ( Stemed Lentils cake) with Coconut Raita or Capsicum Almond chutney or Vegetable sambar – Kids Lunch Box – Instant Pot – 5 Ingredients. With Brown Basmati Rice or Daliya( Cracked wheat) or Daliya and Oats or Millets of your choice( Jowar , Bajra etc) or with Quinoa .

Pack for Kids Lunch Box with Coconut Raita . When Kids dip Idli in coconut raita they just melt in mouth . These Idli’s are  soft at room temperature and need well fermented batter . You can steam in Pressure Cooker or in Instant Pot. I’m steaming in Instant Pot because the inner pot is light to clean . You can ferment the batter in IP or in the Oven or Kitchen counter if you are living in warm place. So far I tried more than 10 Idli recipes Instant and Fermented. In today’s recipe I tried with Black Chickpeas as my kids doesn’t show much interest eating it as curry . So I need to hide in their favorite food. Yes they like IDLI for Breakfast , Lunch Box or for Dinner with Vegetable Sambar .  I tried with different grains ( Brown Basmati rice or Daliya ( cracked wheat ) or Daliya and Oats or Millets or Quinoa . You can try with any grains of your choice. Here is the Simple recipe with 5 Ingredients .

NOTE : You can add tadka and finely chopped vegetables to the iDLI  batter.


Kids Lunch Box : Black Chickpeas Idli with Coconut Raita : 


                Grind handful of coconut with 2 Green chillies and small piece of ginger. Add this to 2 cups of Yogurt . Add Salt and finely chopped Coriander. Heat a tbsp Oil and add 1/2 tbsp Black split urad dal , Cumin seed, mustard seeds and Broken red chilli . Cool the tadka and add to yogurt mixture.


Grind 1/2 cup Dry coconut , Handful Almonds , Handful Peanuts and roasted chickpeas( optional) , Salt , Marble size tamarind , Roasted capsicum, 2 red chillies , 2 Green chillies, Chopped coriander , 2 cloves garlic  with  sufficient water. Add Tadka .


1. Urad dal – 1 cup

2. Black chickpeas – 1/2 cup or 1 cup

3. Brown Basmati rice or Cracked whet ( Daliya) or Daliya and Oats  or Millets( Jowar or Bajraetc) – 1 cup 

4. Fenu greek seeds – 1/2 tbsp

5. Water for grinding 


Ferment the batter overnight in the Oven or in Instant Pot or Kitchen counter .


1. Soak urad dal , Black chickpeas and Brown Basmati rice or grains of your choice . Grind with sufficient water. Batter must not be too runny . Ferment overnight . If batter is fermented well , batter  will be light and Idli will be soft and fluffy . 

Soak Black channa overnight . Urad dal and Brown Basmati  rice for couple of hours. Grind everything together in 2 batches with sufficient water. Grind in the evening and ferment overnight . 

2. Grease Idli moulds with little oil . Pour 3 spoonfuls or little more  of batter in each mould .

3. Pour water in Inner pot of IP . Keep the Idli stand. Close the IP lid . Steam mode 12 minutes with vent open .

4.  After 12 minutes unplug it and Open the lid . Cool sometime and take out Idli’s with wet Steel spoon.

5. Serve them with Capsicum Almond chutney or with Coconut Raita or Vegetable Sambar .