Stuffed Karela – 99 percent free – Instant pot – 5 ingredients 

Recipe for 6 . Preparation time : 10 minutes

Do you like Karela( Bitter gourd) and don’t like bitterness and deep frying. Today I’m sharing an easy recipe for Stuffed Karela without deep frying and in Instant pot . I shared a Soaking tip which will reduce bitterness and softens Karela and cooks in less time and less Oil ( 2 tbsp) Oil. Even my kids like this stuffed Karela as it is 99 percent bitter free. I prepared stuffing with Peanuts and Spices. You can prepare this in your free time and store in an air tight container and use this stuffing for any vegetable. Once i finished cooking Karela in Instant pot , I sauted in IP for crispiness in 5 minutes. After browning on four sides , unplug it and leave the stuffed Karela in the inner pot . So it will get more crisper . Here is the recipe with few ingredients.


1. Karela – 6 ( Medium , thin and light green ( Less bitter)

2. Stuffing – Roast Peanuts , Sesame seeds , Coriander seeds , Cumin seeds and Red chillies. Cool and grind with dry coconut, tamarind or  dry mango powder and salt.

3. Oil – 2tbsp and 4 tbsp

4. Marinade – Mix tamarind pulp with Yogurt and salt . OR Rub Karela with Salt and marinade in tamarind pulp for 2 hours. You can avoid yogurt. Flip in between . 

MARINADE and Leave in refrigerator Overnight or Couple of hours on Kitchen Counter before cooking :

Rub Karela with Salt and Soak in marinade and leave overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning leave on the Kitchen counter and flip them till you cook .



 1. Discard Marinade liquid . Don’t squeeze Karela .

2. Press Saute button of IP . When warm add 3  tbsp oil to the inner pot and  place Karela in a single layer.

                   NOTE : When you add Karela to warm Pot it will get nice brown color and less SAUTE time once you finish pressure cooking. 

3. Close the IP lid . Manual 3 minutes . unplug it when you see Low .NPR  .

4. Open the lid.   Take out Karela and discard Oil with water. Press saute mode .  When warm add Oil and fry the Karela on 4 sides.  It will take 3 to 5  minutes to brown on 4 sides .

5. After 5 minutes unplug. Leave the Karela for some more time in the inner pot so they will get more brown. Flip in between.

6. When you get good color take the inner pot out and stuff the Karela with Peanut masala powder .

            SERVE with grains of your choice .


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