Ten Indian Instant Pot Desserts . Prepared with few ingredients and very less cooking. No stirring and  No Baby sitting. Enjoy these Unique Desserts any time of the year  with very very Less work.You can feed the crowd with these Desserts.

11. APPLE PANEER BURFI : Easy to prepare Dessert in 10 minutes . You can serve as a Dessert before going to After school activities or Pack for KIDS LUNCH BOX as a Dessert .



11.  STEAMED DESSERT WITH OATS and Nuts. Prepare in free time and refrigerate . Warm in a microwave safe bowl before you serve. Stays good for 4 to 5 days. Just grind the ingredients . Pour in steel cups and steam. 

1. COCONUT HALWA – INSTANT POT . Do you like your Dessert ready in less time and with few ingredients . Perfect Dessert recipe to pack for Kids Lunch Box or for unexpected guests or to offer god during festivals. Rich and Creamy without adding any rich ingredients. Transfer all ingredients to the pot and will be ready in very less time. 


2. PURAN POLI  ( short cut method) : With 2 different fillings and Less Cooking time . No water left.

Once you unplug it you don’t need to cook any further on stove top or in Instant pot. 2 ways you can try the filling. With Jaggery and without Jaggery .You can freeze left over filling  . Instead of rolling like a Paratha I like to dip in batter and fry in Paniyaram Pan. They are crispy with Outer covering and tasty filling . Less work and one Pan to clean ,

Recipe :


3. INSTANT POT APPLE BREAD PUDDING with BAKED VEGETABLE POCKETS :  If you like Bread Pudding then you will like this Dessert with Apples and Bread . Easy to prepare Dessert with apples and Bread.  Add apples after you cool sometime. It amy curdle the milk .Add toasted bread before you serve .

Recipe :


4. MIXED MILK PUDDING WITH APPLE . No stirring and no monitoring. You can feed the crowd with this Dessert. Cool the dessert and add Apple so it won’t curdle the milk. Just gather the ingredients.



5. INSTANT DESSERT WITH PANEER . 5 Ingredients and Less cooking time. Stays good in the refrigerator for more than 5 days. You can prepare day before and refrigerate  if you want to pack for Kids Lunch Box .




6. PINEAPPLE KESARI ( SHORT CUT METHOD) – INSTANT POT  . Very very easy to prepare Dessert .  Pack for Lunch Box as a Dessert or for unexpected guests or for Weekend Lunch or to offer God. No sauting . Just transfer everything to the pot and done in less time. Serve it in a Bowl as a Kesari or stuff in Paratha or Dip in Dosa Batter and fry in Paniyaram pan . 



7. BOONDI ( STORE BOUGHT ) CASHEW LADOO with JAGGERY and PEANUT SESAME CASHEW LADOO with JAGGERY . Easy to prepare Dessert and they stay good for more then 2 Weeks. I even tried with Mixed nuts and jaggery. Jaggery good source of Iron. Healthy dessert for everyone in the family .

Recipe : 


8. RICE PUDDING WITH COOKED RICE. You are going to like the rich taste of the pudding. Right consistency and no burnt bottom .

Recipe :


9. INSTANT POT DESSERT WITH DALIYA( CRACKED WHEAT ) . This is one easy Dessert any one can prepare without fail . Stays good for more than a week. 5 main ingredients and Less Cooking time .

Recipe :




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