Instant pot Dry Potato curry – 5 ingredients – Stuffing for Aloo Paratha , Samosa,Batata vada,Dosa ,  bell peppers, Karela ( bitter gourd) , Banana Peppers ,Side for Roti .

Recipe for 4 . Preparation time – 10 minutes and Cooking time – Less than 10 minutes

 Now we can cut down the cooking time  by using  Instant Pot and  One pot from start to finish . (One pot to clean at the end ). I prepare this Curry regularly ( cooking Potato in Pressure cooker and later in sauce pan ) to use as stuffing for Paratha , Batatavada to pack for my kids Lunch Box, to serve as a side for roti,  Samosa and stuffing for South Indian famous Dosa ( prepared with Lentils and grains) . I’m trying all recipes in Instant Pot which I cook on stove top . For weekend Dinner ( Samosa) I thought of cooking the stuffing in Instant Pot and without adding any water. ( As it is a dry curry) . I didn’t get any burnt sign and no water left. Happy about the outcome. Unplug when silver button Pops up and QPR after 5 minutes. The moisture from washed Potatoes will build the pressure. I cooked in 3 qt. The spices will  add flavor and taste to the curry.           Here is the Simple recipe with 5 main ingredients and Less cooking time.

INGREDIENTS : In 3 qt . 

                                          No need to add ANY WATER 

1.  VEGETABLES : Potato – 4 big or 8 Medium and Frozen green peas – 1/2 cup

                        Onion – One big ( Finely chopped ) , Green chilli paste – 1 tbsp , Crushed Garlic – 4 cloves , Crushed Ginger – 1 tbsp

2. Spice powders – Red  chilli powder , Coriander and Cumin powder – 1 tbsp 

                           Dry mango powder or Juice of Lime or Grated raw Mango OR Sambar powder and MTR PULIGORE POWDER 

3. Oil – 2 tbsp , Salt and Turmeric – 1 /4 th tbsp

4. Seasoning – Mustard seeds – 1/2 tbsp , Cumin seeds – 1/2 tbsp and Red chillies

5 . Curry leaves and Finely chopped coriander leaves


1. Peel the Potatoes and cut into small cubes . Keep them in water till you are ready to cook and to avoid discoloration. Moisture  from potatoes will help build the pressure without adding any water .

2. Turn Instant Pot to saute mode . When warm add Oil . Splutter Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Red chillies.

3. Add crushed garlic, Ginger and green chilli paste. Fry for a minute.

4. Add finely chopped Onions . Season with Salt and Turmeric. Mix well . Close with lid and cook for 2 minutes. Uncover and fry till onions are light brown.

5. Add cubed potato . Mix  well . DON’T ADD ANY WATER . Close the  instant pot lid. Manual 4 minutes. Unplug when silver button pops. QPR after 5 minutes. 

6. Open the lid . Saute for 2 minutes ( Optional) . Add  frozen green peas , red chilli powder , Coriander and Cumin powder .  Add Chopped coriander and Mint leaves.

7. Squeeze Juice of lime or dry mango powder or grated raw mango. Mix gently .

                            TASTE for Salt and Spices and add accordingly .

Use as STUFFING for Plain Paratha ( Indian Bread)  :

Use as stuffing for Dosa( Crepes with Lentils and Grains)

Batata vada :  Shape the filling into balls. Dip in Chickpea flour rice flour , spices batter and fry in Paniyaram Pan .

Use the stuffing to stuff Vegetables like BANANA PEPPERS, KARELA , BELL PEPPERS , OKRA etc. 





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