Instant Pot Stuffed  Masala Eggplant( Baigan) – 5 ingredients

First time I tried Stuffed Eggplant in Instant pot   with Homemade Masala Powder . Cooked in less time  when compared to stove top cooking without burnt bottom and Zero monitoring. I cooked in 3 qt and added little water to build pressure . You can prepare the Masala powder in your free time and takes less time to prepare before you   serve for Dinner. I added 3 tbsp  water to 3/4 th of masala powder so it will stay inside the eggplant when you cook . The rest of Masala powder I  mixed with Onions( We like  to eat Onions masala  with Steamed rice ) I cooked with Eggplant ( Baigan) .  Once finished cooking I transferred Onions to a Bowl and mixed with rest of Masala Powder. Again I roasted Eggplant ( Baigan ) for 3 to 4 minutes  in the same pot on both sides and they don’t look like as if they are steamed . They are not mushy and perfectly cooked and roasted , hold shape after you finish cooking. 

                  Serve with Steamed rice or Plain Paratha( Indian Bread) . 


Recipe : 


1. Eggplant ( Baigan) – 10 

2. Onion – One big thinly sliced 

3 . Masala Powder – Dry roast 1/4 th cup channa dal and Urad dal , 1/2 tbsp cumin seeds . 1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds , 2 tbsp Sesame seeds , Curry leaves and 4 red chillies. Cool and grind with handful of dry coconut , tamarind or dry mango powder , 6 cloves of garlic into fine powder . If you want you can add 1 tbsp red chilli powder .

4. Oil – 2 + 2 tbsp

5. Salt , Turmeric powder – 1/4 th tbsp , Cumin seeds – 1/2 tbsp and Mustard seeds – 1/2 tbsp

6. Finely chopped coriander 


1. Wash eggplants ( Baigan) and make  a slit and leave in salt water till you stuff them with Masala Powder .

2. Press saute mode . When warm add Oil and cumin seeds. Add thinly sliced Onions. Season with salt and turmeric. Cover with glass lid and cook for couple of minutes .

 3. STUFF THE EGGPLANT ( BAIGAN) with  3/4 th of Masala Powder : Rest of the masala  we will mix with fried Onions. 


4. Once onions are brown add 2 tbsp water. Scrape the bottom and place stuffed eggplant in 2 layers.

5. Close IP lid . Manual 4 minutes . Unplug when you see LOW .

6. Open the lid. Transfer the Eggplants to a plate .

7. Fry Onions for couple more minutes. Transfer to a pyrex Bowl . Mix the onions with rest of the Masala powder .

8. Add oil to inner pot and fry the Eggplants for couple of minutes on both sides.

              SERVE Stuffed eggplant( Baigan ) Onion masala with grains of your choice or with STEAMED RICE. 

STUFFED EGGPLANT BLACK CHANNA BIRYANI with CARROT RAITA : Perfectly cooked rice and Eggplant with Black chickpeas. Served with Carrot raita. 

BAIGAN ( EGGPLANT ) BARTHA with MIXED NUTS. Serve as a Dip with Pita chips or BAKED CRACKERS or with NAAN :