Red kidney Beans Pakora – Air fryer ( Breakfast /Kids Lunch Box ) – 5 Ingredients . Serve with Sweet Mango Chutney or Tomato Rasam 

Do your kids trouble to eat Beans just like mine. Easy way to feed is to hide in Pakora’s . I know Kids like Crispy food. Not to worry they are not deep fried and prepared in Air fryer. You don’t find any difference . Easy to prepare in the morning. Or if you are living in a cold place , prepare night before and refrigerate . Bake for few minutes before you serve for Breakfast or to Pack for Lunch Box. Or prepare the batter night before and refrigerate. Bake in the morning. Serve with Sweet Mango Chutney . Good combination. or with Tomato rasam if it is for Early Dinner . Here is the Simple recipe with everyday Ingredients from your Pantry .

RECIPE for 15 . ( Bake 5 each time) 


1. Red Kidney Beans – One cup soaked , Raw -1/2 cup ( Soaked overnight), Yellow Moong dal – One cup raw soaked for an hour 

2. VEGETABLES : Finely chopped cabbage or Onions or Both – 3 measuring cups, Green chillies – 3 and Small piece of ginger ( Chopped ) , Finely chopped coriander or Spinach Or Amaranth leaves 

3. Oil – 1 or 2 tbsp

4. Salt – accordingly 

5. Sweet Mango Chutney or Tomato Rasam 


1. Grind Soaked Red kidney beans with 2 tbsp water . Add soaked Yellow moong dal , little salt and green chillies into smooth batter. Transfer to a Bowl .

2. To this bowl add chopped vegetables . Mix well . Taste for salt and add accordingly .

3. Grease the Air fryer basket with Oil. Divide the batter into 15. Place the batter balls in the air fryer ( 5 at a time) . Press with fingers. Spray Oil .

4. Bake for 14 minutes. Check half way .

5. Serve with Sweet Mango chutney or Tomato rasam .