Red Kidney Beans Vegetable Pakora – Air fryer – Kids Lunch Box – 5 main ingredients with Tomato  Mint Chutney

If your Kids are not interested in eating Beans in the form of curry , then try these Air fried Pakora’s . I cooked red kidney beans in Instant pot and used one measuring cup cooked beans for this recipe. Rest I refrigerated and use later in the week. I added good amount of vegetables and rice flour for binding and for crispiness. Just add the amount of water I mentioned , so the pakora’s will come out without sticking to the basket .  I even shared the recipe for Tomato mint Chutney to serve with the Pakora’s . . You can prepare the Chutney in INSTANT POT or On stove top . Here is the Simple recipe with 5 main ingredients. 


INGREDIENTS : One cup – Measuring cup

1. Red kidney Beans – 1 cup ( Cooked and Mashed ) . I cooked Red kidney beans in Instant pot .   Raw 11/2 cup . Soaked overnight . Transfer to Instant pot Bowl . Add salt and cover with enough water . Manual 15 minutes . Unplug when you see low. QPR after 20  minutes.

2. Rice flour – 3/4 th  cup

3. Vegetables – Onion – 1 ( thinly sliced ) , Finely chopped Zucchini – One measuring cup , Grated carrots, Green chilies – 3 ( chopped or paste) , Garlic cloves – 6 ( Peeled and chopped) , Ginger – small piece ( Chopped) . Finely chopped Coriander . 

4. Oil – 2 tbsp to Spray the Pakora’s .

5. Water – 1/2 cup

6. Ajwain ( carom seeds ) – 1/2 tbsp ( Optional) . Helps in digestion of Beans . 


1. Transfer mashed red kidney beans , Chopped Onions , Zucchini, grated carrots , green chillies, ginger ,  Crushed garlic , Chopped coriander , rice flour, salt , Ajwain ( carom seeds) to a bowl . Mix well . You can add little red chilli powder , coriander and cumin powder or Sambar powder – 1/2 tbsp to 3/4 th tbsp . 

2. Now add water slowly and mix like pakora batter. Note : 1/2 cup water is sufficient .

3. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

4. Grease Air fryer basket with Oil . Take batter and place in the Air fryer ( in the shape of Pakora) .  Ten at a time .

5. Bake at 370 degrees for 7 minutes. After 7 minutes open the basket and spray oil . Bake for another 7 minutes.







1. Onion – one ( chopped )

2. Tomatoes – 4 and Mint leaves – 20 to 30 

3. Green chillies – 3

4. Tamarind pulp or tamarind – 2 tbsp

5. Salt accordingly , Turmeric – 1/4 th tbsp 

6.  For seasoning : Garlic cloves – 4 ( Peeled and chopped ) to add in seasoning , Cumin seeds , Mustard seeds – 1/2 tbsp each .

7. Finely chopped coriander


1. Turn Instant pot on saute mode . When warm add oil . Followed by mustard seeds, cumin seeds . Then add Onions.  Season with salt and turmeric . Fry till light pink .

2. Once Onions are brown add Green chillies ,tomatoes and tamarind pulp or tamarind. Close lid. Manual one minute. NPR .

3. Open lid . Cool and transfer to a blender or Hand blender.

4. Transfer to a Bowl . 

5. Add seasoning with chopped garlic , Mustard seeds and Cumin seeds. Add finely chopped Coriander .

                 SERVE with Red kidney Beans vegetable Pakora.



Cabbage Pakora – Air fryer – Kids Lunch Box /Summer Lunch 

I’m making good use of my Air fryer to prepare Pakora’s and Vada. Kids like finger foods in Lunch Box than roti and curry. Air fryer is so useful for me to prepare quick Lunch Box ( Summer Lunch) or Breakfast in the morning. Just like Instant pot it’s Zero monitoring except checking half way. If your kids trouble to eat vegetables try to add more Vegetables to finger foods. If you have a toddler they  can self feed. I added light color green chillies which are zero spicy and ginger. Both helps in digestion. I baked pakora’s directly in the basket without foil and without flipping. If you are taking Kids to activities and want to feed them immediately after coming , then prepare day before and refrigerate. Bake for couple of minutes before you serve if you want to serve Crispy Pakora or in the microwave for one minute.Here is the Simple recipe with every day ingredients from your pantry .

Cabbage : What it heals ? Colon cancer , Breast cancer, cancer of uterus and ovaries and diabetes.Good source of fiber and potassium . Helps and protects against and manage diabetes. Cabbage is low in calories ( a cup of chopped cabbage contains 20 calories ) and rich in Vitamin C. One study found that women who ate the most cabbage had a 45 percent lower breast cancer risk than women who ate the least . Source : HM 

Recipe for 30 Pakora


1. Finely chopped Cabbage – 4 measuring cups and finely chopped Coriander 

2. Onion – One big ( thinly sliced ) , Green chillies – 3 ( chopped) and ginger – small piece ( Chopped)

3. Chickpea flour – 1/2 cup and rice flour – 1/2 cup and Ajwain – 1/2 tbsp 

4. Water – 1/2 cup or accordingly

5. Oil – 2 + 2 tbsp

6. Rasam powder or Red chilli powder , coriander and cumin powder – 1 tbsp

7. Salt – accordingly


1. In a bowl add finely chopped cabbage , thinly sliced onions, chopped green chillies, ginger , salt , oil , Ajwain , red chilli powder , coriander and cumin powder. Mix well . Add Chickpea flour and rice flour. Mix well.

2. Now add water slowly and mix like a thick batter.

3. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

4. Grease Air fryer basket with oil . Take batter and place in the basket ( shape of pakora) . 10 each time.  Spray some oil .

5. Bake at 370 degrees for 5 minutes. Take out basket and spray oil . Bake for another 6 minutes.

SERVE with Dates chutney and fruit .


Cauliflower Popcorn – Air fryer – Summer Lunch /Kids Lunch Box

Last day for school . 2 months vacation . I need to try Simple and Easy recipes for Lunch as I don’t want to spend too much time in Kitchen and at the same time kids favorite meal. For today’s Lunch I tried Cauliflower Popcorn in Air fryer. They turned out good.Cauliflower is one of my kids favorite vegetable  , they call it as Vegetarian chicken . There favorite way to eat Cauliflower is in the form of big florets cooked in Vegetable Gravy  or Cauliflower Popcorn  .  I didn’t preheat the Air fryer or used foil . They came out without sticking. Just grease the basket with oil before placing the florets. For me it is easy to cook in the morning as I do preparations day before. I microwaved the  florets for 4 minutes so they can cook in less time and soft when they bite  . Here is the Simple recipe with everyday ingredients from your pantry .

An interesting read about Garlic. Garlic contains allicin , a sulphur compound that offers a host of health benefits. The results of a few epidemiological studies suggest that high intakes of garlic and other allium vegetables ( Onions and leeks) may help protect against gastric and colorectal cancer . The vegetable organosulphur compounds are also believed to cut inflammation and people who suffer from autoimmune diseases might be helped by including garlic in their diets. As people age , harmful particles called free radicals build up and contribute to heart disease , cancer,  and  Alzheimer’s disease . Not only will antioxidants like those found in garlic fight off free radicals , they may reduce or prevent some of their damage. It is widely used to treat high cholesterol , heart attack , coronary heart disease and hypertension .

            Storing Garlic in sealed plastic containers or a refrigerator promotes mold and sprouting. Store garlic at room temperature in a container with good air circulation like a wire basket . Source – HM

Cauliflower is a white food we can feel good about eating. This non starchy vegetable is cruciferous vegetable like Broccolli  and Cabbage . Intake of these vegetables is associated with lower risk of some diseases . We can eat raw in Salads ,roast or use in stir fry cooking . Healthy version of mashed potatoes. According to some research Cauliflower sprinkled with Turmeric may be powerful in fighting cancers. Impressively one serving provides 18 percent of daily value of Vitamin C . Avoid Cauliflower which are discolored and buy head that are tight and firm . You can get solid fresh Cauliflower from Summer to fall. It will last more than 2 weeks if you store in a produce bag and store in the lower shelf of the refrigerator . 


1. Cauliflower florets ( Big ) – 20 ( Microwave for 2  to 4 minutes and optional )

2. Chickpea flour and rice flour – 1/4 th cup each or All purpose flour , corn flour and rice flour 

3. Water – 1/2 cup

4. Salt – accordingly

5. Red chilli powder , coriander and cumin powder

6. Oil – 2 tbsp

7. Garlic and Ginger paste – 1 tbsp 


1. Wash cauliflower florets.

2. Prepare batter with flours , red chilli powder , cumin and coriander powder , salt , Ginger and garlic paste .

3. Grease air fryer basket with oil . Place the florets in a single row. Spray Oil .

4. Bake at 370 degrees for 6 minutes. Check half way . If needed spray oil .

5. Serve with Ketchup or dates chutney .



Instant pot Gongura Chutney 

Gongura ( In Andhra ) is popular in some states. In Marathi it is called Ambaadi, Pitwaa in Hindi , Kenaf in English .  We love Gongura because of its tanginess and health Benefits. I cook atleast Once a week when it is available in Summer  . Good source of Iron. We can prepare Curry ( Short shelf life for 2 to 3  days if refrigerated ) and Pickles which lasts for months.   Gongura is a plant grown for its edible leaves. It is popular in some states . A baby gongura leaf is a full leaf. As the leaf grow older, the leaf splits into 4 or more parts. It is a summer crop and hotter the place , the more sour the leaf gets. It comes in 2 varieties . Green stemmed leaf and Red stemmed . The red stemmed variety is more sour than green stemmed variety . We can prepare many variety of pickles and curries with Gongura . Rich source of Iron, Vitamins , folic acid and antioxidants essential for human nutrition.             

                          Serve with Steamed Rice and Ghee or Oil . For younger Kids mix with steamed rice and tomato Dal .  My eldest Daughter said, ” Taste better than any other leafy vegetable that I ever tasted” . Gongura known as sorrel Leaves in English .               Pulicha Keerai in Tamil , Pandi in Kannada , Pitwa in Hindi  . The chutney  can last for weeks if refrigerated . We finished in 2 days as everybody in my family likes the chutney  as it is kid friendly recipe . You can  add  Curry Powder or Home made spice powder  . Add the Spices and Oil  according to your taste. Simple to make and delicious in taste .

Stays good for more than a week .


1. Gongura = 2 bunches ( Pluck the leaves , Wash 3 to 4 times and dry)

2. Channa dal – 2 handfuls

3. Oil – 6 tbsp

4. Onion – One big ( 3/4 th thinly sliced and 1/4 th onion finely chopped to add at the end)

5. Garlic – 10 cloves ( Peeled and crushed ) 

6. Curry powder – 3 tbsp or Dry roast Mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds . Cool and grind with 3 tbsp red chilli powder

7. Salt accordingly and Turmeric – 1/2 tbsp


1. Turn instant pot on saute mode . When warm add 2tbsp Oil . Followed by cumin seeds , mustard seeds and thinly sliced onions, channa dal . Season with salt and turmeric. Close with glass lid and fry till light brown .

2. Add crushed garlic and green chillies . Fry for couple of minutes .

3. Add dried gongura. Close lid . Manual one minute . QPR . Open the lid and keep in saute mode. Fry till it is dry . Add 2 more tbsp oil , Curry powder or Home made spice powder .

4. Take the inner pot out . Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

5. Add 2 more tbsp oil and finely chopped onions. 

                      Serve with Steamed rice and ghee or Steamed rice and tomato dal .


1. Heat a wide pan on medium flame. When warm add oil followed by cumin seeds, mustard seeds , Channa dal and sliced onions. Season with salt and turmeric. Fry  till onions are light brown .

2. Add crushed garlic and green chillies . Fry for couple of minutes .

3. Add dried and chopped gongura leaves. Fry till leaves are dry . Add 2 more tbsp oil , curry powder or Home made spice powder. Mix well .

4. Switch off the stove. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

5. Add chopped onions and 2 more tbsp oil . Serve with steamed and tomato dal .


Karela Stir fry with Raw Mango – Air fryer 

If you cook Karela every week and doesn’t like deep frying , try Air fryer Karela . No need  to stir in between and Zero monitoring. I like marinating Karela ( the karela I buy are too bitter and my kids doesn’t eat bitter curry and also too much bitterness is not good for stomach) for at least one hour and I discard the liquid. I added good amount of Onions and Home made spice powder. I like squeezing Lime juice or grated raw mango at the end .It’s Optional and if needed add Lime juice or grated raw mango . I even baked the Onions in Air fryer. Here is the simple 3 step recipe ( Marinating, Baking in air fryer and final seasoning in Pan ) . If you try , please leave a comment. IIf you like leftovers , it will stay good for 4 to 5 days in refrigerator .

It is one of nutritious vegetable and not deep  frying retain the required nutrients of the vegetable . Bitter Gourd is very less in Calories ( If not deep fried) carrying just 17 Calories per 100 grams . Some People may not like it because of bitterness . Adding Spices makes it more palatable . Outer skin and seeds are discarded due to high alkaloid content ,but can be enjoyed by marinating with correct Ingredients . Marinating reduces bitterness and Cooks fast. Discard the liquid after Marinating.

                           According to some Clinical studies Polypeptide , Charantin, Vicine present in it are believed to help in maintaining normal Blood Glucose . Because of its bitterness it is a good source of disease preventing and health promoting phyto chemical compounds. It is a unique vegetable fruit that can be used as food or medicine. If you are thinking of adding Bitter gourd or Bitter Melon to your diet , make sure you limit yourself for 4 to 5 times in a month.  Source :  HM.

RECIPE for 4 .


1. Karela – Medium ( 12 ) – sliced

2. Onion – One big

3. Oil – 2 tbsp + 2 tbsp 

4. Spice Powder – Dry roast handful of Urad dal , Channa dal , 1/2 tbsp Cumin seeds , 1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds , 2 red chillies . Cool and grind with 1/2 tbsp red chilli powder , little salt and 4 to 6 cloves of garlic .

5. Juice of Lime or Grated raw mango 


Transfer sliced Karela to a bowl . Sprinkle some salt  and tamarind Juice . Marinade for One hour . Stir in between or Overnight in refrigerator .


1. Discard the marinade liquid and transfer Karela to Air fryer basket. Add Oil and mix well . 370 degrees for 10 minutes .

2. After 10 minutes, Open the basket and bake another 5 minutes if needed . Spray some oil . 

3. Transfer baked Karela to Pyrex bowl .

4. Bake Sliced Onions for 5 minutes at 370 degrees. Spray some Oil.

5 In a wide pan add 2 tbsp Oil . When Oil is warm add Urad dal , Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds , Curry leaves , Green chillies . Fry for a minute.

6. Now add baked Karela , baked Onions and Spice powder . Mix well .

7. If needed Squeeze juice of Lime or grated raw mango. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

SERVE with grains of your choice.  THIS STIR FRY STAYS GOOD FOR 4 TO 5 DAYS.