Karela Stir fry with Raw Mango – Air fryer 

If you cook Karela every week and doesn’t like deep frying , try Air fryer Karela . No need  to stir in between and Zero monitoring. I like marinating Karela ( the karela I buy are too bitter and my kids doesn’t eat bitter curry and also too much bitterness is not good for stomach) for at least one hour and I discard the liquid. I added good amount of Onions and Home made spice powder. I like squeezing Lime juice or grated raw mango at the end .It’s Optional and if needed add Lime juice or grated raw mango . I even baked the Onions in Air fryer. Here is the simple 3 step recipe ( Marinating, Baking in air fryer and final seasoning in Pan ) . If you try , please leave a comment. IIf you like leftovers , it will stay good for 4 to 5 days in refrigerator .

It is one of nutritious vegetable and not deep  frying retain the required nutrients of the vegetable . Bitter Gourd is very less in Calories ( If not deep fried) carrying just 17 Calories per 100 grams . Some People may not like it because of bitterness . Adding Spices makes it more palatable . Outer skin and seeds are discarded due to high alkaloid content ,but can be enjoyed by marinating with correct Ingredients . Marinating reduces bitterness and Cooks fast. Discard the liquid after Marinating.

                           According to some Clinical studies Polypeptide , Charantin, Vicine present in it are believed to help in maintaining normal Blood Glucose . Because of its bitterness it is a good source of disease preventing and health promoting phyto chemical compounds. It is a unique vegetable fruit that can be used as food or medicine. If you are thinking of adding Bitter gourd or Bitter Melon to your diet , make sure you limit yourself for 4 to 5 times in a month.  Source :  HM.

RECIPE for 4 .


1. Karela – Medium ( 12 ) – sliced

2. Onion – One big

3. Oil – 2 tbsp + 2 tbsp 

4. Spice Powder – Dry roast handful of Urad dal , Channa dal , 1/2 tbsp Cumin seeds , 1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds , 2 red chillies . Cool and grind with 1/2 tbsp red chilli powder , little salt and 4 to 6 cloves of garlic .

5. Juice of Lime or Grated raw mango 


Transfer sliced Karela to a bowl . Sprinkle some salt  and tamarind Juice . Marinade for One hour . Stir in between or Overnight in refrigerator .


1. Discard the marinade liquid and transfer Karela to Air fryer basket. Add Oil and mix well . 370 degrees for 10 minutes .

2. After 10 minutes, Open the basket and bake another 5 minutes if needed . Spray some oil . 

3. Transfer baked Karela to Pyrex bowl .

4. Bake Sliced Onions for 5 minutes at 370 degrees. Spray some Oil.

5 In a wide pan add 2 tbsp Oil . When Oil is warm add Urad dal , Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds , Curry leaves , Green chillies . Fry for a minute.

6. Now add baked Karela , baked Onions and Spice powder . Mix well .

7. If needed Squeeze juice of Lime or grated raw mango. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

SERVE with grains of your choice.  THIS STIR FRY STAYS GOOD FOR 4 TO 5 DAYS.