Vegetable Pasta with Dates sauce – Instant pot – Kids Lunch Box/Dinner – 5 ingredients 

Vegetable Penne Pasta with Dates sauce is a Simple and Easy Kids Lunch Box recipe prepared with 3 Vegetables, Pasta and Dates sauce. If kids are not interested in eating Dates , try in this Pasta sauce which you can prepare ahead of time and refrigerate .I have Box of Dates ( already used 1/4 th of Box in preparing Dates Ladoo ) and I want to include in Kids Diet. Thought why not prepare a Dates sauce to mix with veggies and Pasta. So I prepared the sauce night before and refrigerated . Tasted before adding to the Pasta. Didn’t spoil because I blended Sauce with salt and Spices. I like Cooking Pasta in Instant pot . Cooks Perfectly  every time . Cut Vegetables the size of Pasta in an angle . Easy Lunch Box recipe with New taste. I asked my Kids did they find any difference in the taste . Not really they said. So one more Pasta recipe in Kids Lunch Box recipe book. Kids  are going to like the soft bite of Veggies with Pasta and  little Sweet taste from Dates sauce..

Recipe for 2 .

Preparation and Cooking time : Less than 30 minutes 


1. Multi grain Penne Pasta or Whole wheat Pasta  – One  Cup ( raw) , Water – 2 cups 

2.  VEGETABLES :  Zucchini , Asparagus – 10 ( Cut the size of Pasta), Green Beans – 2 handfuls ,chopped , Tomatoes – 3 ( 2 Tomatoes for Sauce and 1 chopped to add at the end)

                     Garlic – 4 , Shallots –  2 Chopped or Finely chopped Onion 

3. Dates – 6 and  Ketchup – 2 tbsp

4. Curry Powder – 1 to 2 tbsp ( Blend of Red chilli powder , Coriander and Cumin Powder , Garlic and fresh Coriander ) 

                        Freshly ground Black Pepper and Mixed  Italian Herbs

5. Mozzarella cheese 



1. Microwave 2 tomatoes in a microwave safe bowl . Cool before blending with Spices. Transfer Cooked tomato into a blender with Deseeded Dates , Salt , Curry Powder and Garlic. Blend with 1/4 or little more water . Transfer to a Bowl. 

2.  Turn Instant pot on saute mode . When warm add 2 tbsp Oil and add 1 tbsp Cumin seeds . When cumin seeds turn light Brown add Shallots and Crushed garlic  followed by  Zucchini , Asparagus and Green Beans . Then add the Dates Sauce . Mix well. 

                  NOTE : Keep veggies on top of Pasta so they won’t get mushy . 

3. Add  Pasta , water ,Chopped Tomatoes and Ketchup . Mix gently . Close lid. Manual 5 minutes . NPR ( 5 TO 7 MINUTES) 

 4. Open lid and add  freshly ground Black pepper , Mixed Herbs and Chopped Pistachio’s . Add Mozzarella cheese.

5. Taste for Salt and Spices and add accordingly . PACK for KIDS LUNCH BOX OR SERVE FOR DINNER .




If you are looking for an Easy to prepare recipes for Kids Lunch Box or for Breakfast or Toddlet Self feeding , here are few recipes I tried in Air fryer . They almost taste as if they are Deep fried . I pack with Dates Chutney or Ketchup or mild Chilli sauce . For Dinner you can with TOMATO RASAM OR TOMATO RAITA . Prepared with 5 main Ingredients. Just soak the Lentil or Lentils for an hour . Grind and add finely chopped vegetables. Easy way to feed vegetables for Kids . YYou can grind the batter with Green chillies and Ginger . Helps in digestion. Don’t forget to add some finely chopped green . 


1. CABBAGE VADA. They turned out Crispy without adding flour. One tbsp Oil for 12 Vada’s. I didin’t even flip. Just soak Dal for an hour . Grind and add other ingredients. They taste good at room temperature. Pack with Ketchup or dates chutney .


2. Baked vegetable pockets . You can prepare the Filling and Outer covering and refrigerate. It will take less to prepare Kids Lunch Box or for Breakfast. pockets

3. Green Moong Pakora. If you like Green Moong dal Pakora and doesn’t like deep frying try these Baked Pakora’s . Instant recipe except soaking dal for One hour. 

RECIPE : Moong 

4. DAL VADA. Prepared with 2 Lentils and Vegetables. Easy to shape vada. Baked in Air fryer with 2 tbsp Oil and they turned out Crispy .





RECIPE: Pakora







Instant pot Aloo Matar (Potato Peas Curry) with Homemade Masala Powder – Side for Roti

Do you cook Aloo Matar ( Potato Peas Curry) regularly . Then try this new Potato Peas curry prepared with Homemade Spice Powder. Potatoes are cooked perfectly . Not over cooked or under cooked .You can prepare Spice powder in your free time and refrigerate and it takes very less time to Prepare and cook . It stays good for more than a month . Serve this curry with Phulka or Plain Paratha( Indian Bread prepared with Whole wheat flour) . The curry is not spicy . So Kids can enjoy too . Here is the Simple recipe with everyday ingredients from your Pantry .

RECIPE for 2 to 3 ( SPICE POWDER will thicken the gravy) 


1. Vegetables – Potato – 6 ( Peeled and cubed. Each potato into 12 pieces) , Onion – medium ( Chopped) , Ginger – small piece ( grated)  , Garlic – 3 cloves( Peeled and Crushed ) , Tomatoes – 3 (  finely chopped) 

Frozen green peas – 1/2 cup 

2. Water – 1/2 cup

3. Spice Powder – Grind handful of dry coconut with 2 tbsp Sesame seeds, 6 Cashews, 6 Cloves , 6 Cardamom and small piece  of Cinnamon stick .

4. Red chilli powder – 1/2 to 1 tbsp 

5. Oil – 2 tbsp , Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp , Salt accordingly and Turmeric – 1/4 th tbsp 

6. Finely chopped Coriander and Mint to add at the end.


1. Turn Instant pot on saute mode . When warm add 2 tbsp oil and Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp followed by finely chopped onion. Season with salt and Turmeric. Cover with lid and cook for couple of minutes .

2. Once Onions are light pink add crushed garlic and ginger. Fry for a minute .

3. Add finely chopped tomato and red chilli powder or Sambar powder . Cook until tomatoes are soft.. Cover with lid and stir in between to avoid burning.

4. Once tomatoes are soft add water , Red chilli powder or Curry powder and cubed potato . Scrape the bottom and mix well.

5. Close the lid. Manual 4 minutes . NPR ( 7 to 10 minutes) . 

6. Open the lid and add HALF OF THE SPICE POWDER . Add  washed frozen green peas, finely chopped Coriander and Mint leaves. Mix well .

7. Taste for Salt and spices and add accordingly. ( SPICE POWDER will thicken the gravy) .

SERVE WITH PHULKA OR  PLAIN PARATHA ( Indian Bread prepared with Whole wheat flour) 


Cabbage Vada – Air fryer – Kids Lunch Box/Breakfast – 5 ingredients 

Kids are at home because of Snow. Thought I will try something new for Breakfast in Air fryer and later I can pack the same in  Lunch Box. Just soaked the Dal ( Lentil) for an hour. We like vada for Breakfast if not Deep fried or for Weekend Lunch with Kheer and I pack for Lunch box too . They turned out good without adding any flour. I like adding vegetable in vada or pakora. This time I added good amount of cabbage . Kids like finger foods than roti and curry . No need of any dip or Just serve with Dates tamarind Chutney. I added chopped green chillies and ginger. You can grind with dal so Kids won’t pick and keep aside.Light  Green chillies are not spicy and Ginger help in  digestion.  I like adding some greens in my vada . You can add both ( coriander and Spinach ) or any one. I didn’t even flip Vada’s . They turned out crispy . But checked in between . Here is the Simple recipe prepared with few ingredients.

Recipe for 10 medium Vada’s with Tbsp oil . Just cost the Vada with oil . 


1. Yellow Moong dal – One measuring cup

2. Vegetables – Finely chopped Cabbage – 2 measuring cups, grated carrots , Chopped green chillies, Small piece of ginger – chopped , Finely chopped coriander or Spinach or both

3. Oil – 1 tbsp

4. Salt to taste .

5. Dates tamarind chutney to serve for Kids . Optional or Ketchup. 


1. Soak Yellow moong dal for an hour. Wash 3 to 4 times. Transfer to a blender and grind with green chillies , ginger and salt , No water.

2. Transfer to a Bowl . To this batter add finely chopped cabbage , green chillies , ginger , chopped coriander , spinach and grated carrots. ( Note : If you grind batter with green chillies and ginger don’t add chopped green chillies and ginger to the batter ).

                            DIVIDE the batter into 10.

3. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

4. Grease the Air fryer basket with Oil . Take a big Lemon size batter and place in the basket . Press and make a hole in the middle. 5 or 6 at a time. Spray Oil on each vada .

5. Bake at 370 degrees for 7 minutes. After 7 minutes check them . Spray some oil and Bake for another 8 minutes. Note : I didn’t flip the vada’s .

                   SERVE with Dates Tamarind Chutney or with Onion Lime salad or they taste good on their own. 


Green Moong Dal Pakora – Air fryer – Kids Lunch Box/ Breakfast

If you like Green Moong pakora and doesn’t like deep frying , try this recipe. It’s Instant recipe except soaking Dal for One hour. Easy to prepare in the morning for Breakfast or to pack for Kids Lunch Box . I first cooked in Paniyaram pan as batter is little runny and will spread in the basket. I usually shallow fry or in Paniyaram pan. Sometimes it won’t cook in the middle. Once finish cooking in Paniyaram ( 4 minutes) , then I crisped up in Air fryer. Serve with Ketchup or Dates chutney. Here is the Simple recipe with everyday Ingredients from your Pantry.


1. Split Green Moong dal – 1 cup , Urad dal – 1/2 cup 

2. APF flour or Rice flour – 3 tbsp or accordingly

3. Curd( Yogurt) – 2 tbsp  and Salt – accordingly 

4. Vegetables – Onion – medium ( finely chopped) , grated carrots, Green chillies – 4 ( chopped) , Small piece ginger – chopped and finely chopped Coriander 

5. Oil – 1 tbsp


1. Soak dals for an hour. Wash 3 to 4 times. Drain out all water . Grind with little salt and no water into thick batter. Transfer to a Bowl .

2. To this batter add curd , salt ,flour , Chopped Onion, green chillies, Ginger and grated carrot. Mix well . Taste for salt and add accordingly . 

3. Add oil to the cavities of Paniyaram pan . Pour 4 tbsp batter in each cavity . Cover with lid and cook on medium flame. 2 minutes on each side or more.

4. Once done cooking transfer to Air fryer basket. Bake at 370 degrees for 5 minutes .  Check after 3 minutes and  if needed bake for 2 minutes. 

5. Serve with Ketchup or Dates tamarind chutney for Breakfast or Pack for Kids Lunch Box.


Stuffed Karela ( Bitter gourd) – Air fryer – Side for Roti


Karela ( Bitter gourd) is one of our favorite vegetable and must in our grocery list. I tried 10 different recipes with Karela . Couple of months back I tried Stuffed Karela in Instant Pot ( Cooking and sauting in same pot) .  Last week I tried in  Air fryer. It turned out good. Just like Instant pot it’s mess free Cooking and quiet cooking and  just the basket to clean. I cooked in Instant pot( 15 Karela)  , then in Air fryer for fast cooking and for CRISPINESS . If you  refrigerate, Bake for few minutes before you serve for Dinner. Stuffed Karela stays good for 3 to 4 days in refrigerator. I have marinated Karela for couple of hours to get rid of some bitterness, The Karela I buy here are too bitter . Not comfortable to eat and in Stomach. Discard the marinade liquid before Cooking in Instant pot. Once finish cooking in Instant pot , Cool them before baking in Air fryer. Spray oil in basket and coat Karela with Oil . 

Here is the simple recipe with every day Ingredients from your pantry . Cook in Instant pot( 10 to 15 Karela) and Bake in Air fryer . I shared stuffing for Karela .


Preparation time : Less than 15 Minutes .


1. Peanuts – 1/2 Cup, Sesame seeds – 2 tbsp, Dry coconut – 1/4 th cup

2. Cumin seeds and Coriander seeds – 1 tbsp each, Fenu greek seeds – 5 and Mustard seeds – 1/4 th tbsp

3. Garlic cloves – 4, Tamarind – Marble size, Salt – accordingly

4. Red chilli Powder or  Home made Curry Powder – 1 tbsp( Blend of Red chilli Powder , Coriander and Cumin powder, Garlic and fresh coriander)

5. Curry Leaves – 5 


1. Dry roast Peanuts . When Peanuts are 3/4 th done add Sesame seeds, Coriander and Cumin seeds, Fenu greek seeds n Mustard seeds .  Switch off the stove and add Curry leaves and Tamarind.Cool before grinding.

2. Grind roasted Peanuts , Sesame seeds ,  Fenugreek seeds , Mustard seeds ,Coriander and Cumin seeds , Dry coconut , Garlic cloves , Red chilli Powder or Curry Powder, Salt , Washed and dried Curry leaves and tamarind into a fine Powder.

3. Store in a air tight Container.

RECIPE for 15 Stuffed Karela .


1. Soak tamarind in  water. Squeeze the pulp  and add salt. Soak Karela in this marinade for 2 hours or Overnight in refrigerator  Pour the tamarind extract in this slit of Karela too.

2. After Couple of hours ., discard marinade liquid. Don’t squeeze karela . Add 2 tbsp Oil to inner pot of Instant pot and place Karela . Close lid. Manual 3 minutes. Unplug when you see Low. NPR ( 5 to 7 minutes) or QPR . 

3. Transfer the cooked Karela to a plate . Cool before you bake in Air fryer . 


1. Coat each Karela with Oil . Place in the Air fry-er basket.  Coat the basket with Oil before placing Karela .Bake at 370 degrees  for 5 minutes.

2. After 5 minutes flip the Karela and bake for another 5 minutes.

3. If not crispy bake for another few minutes. 

                   STUFF with Peanut sesame chutney powder . Serve with grains of your choice.