5 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas ( Soups and Salads) 

 This is what I ate for Dinner past 5 days. We don’t crave for anything after eating these. It takes time to chew and eat. Simple , easy and tasty Dinner ideas you can prepare and Cook in less than 30 minutes . For Salads cook grains and beans ahead of time and refrigerate. Mix with the vegetables and dressing before you serve for Dinner. Soups , You can prepare ahead of time and refrigerate. Bring to boil before you serve. These meals are filling and satisfying. After you finish eating you won’t crave for any more food. 

 1. BOILED PEANUT SALAD  with Homemade fruit dressing. No need to add Salt as I have cooked peanuts with little salt. You will feel satisfied after eating this salad as it takes time to chew. Simple salad prepared with vegetables and homemade dressing.


2.SPICY LENTIL SOUP .Not too spicy . No need to add any flour . Lentils will thicken the soup . Prepare ahead of time and refrigerate before you serve. It takes less than 10 minutes Cooking time. 


3. BARLEY SALAD  with Orange  Dressing. You are going to like the Creamy taste of Barley with other ingredients and Home made dressing. This salad is perfect  for dinner. Gorgeous combination on your plate with protein veggie packed salad keeps you full , satisfied and filled with nutritious goodness.


4. ZERO OIL SOUP . What I like about this soup , you can cook everything in One pot . One pot to cook and one pot to clean .Prepare ahead of time and refrigerate. Bring to boil before you serve. I added a special ingredient which enhances the taste of the soup.  Tasty soup . Kids will finish this soup without complaining about the ingredients in the soup.


5. WHEAT BERRY SALAD  with fruit dressing. You are going to like the chewy taste of Wheat berries with Vegetables and fruit dressing.