Instant Cabbage Tomato Dosa with Tomato Yogurt raita .img_3515 If you are not in the mood of Cooking Lunch /Dinner and still want to eat some thing tasty and filling, then this is the right recipe . Instant Cabbage Tomato Dosa with Raita . It is  simple and easy to prepare with every day  Ingredients from your Pantry .  I use Chickpea flour in my Cooking . So  I did a little reading about its Health Benefits. Chickpea flour which is also called Gram flour , Garbanzo beans flour or traditionally besan is popular in Indian cooking. Good source of fiber and 1/2 cup chickpea flour has about 178 calories , 5 grams of sugar ( no added sugar) 3 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein. Although Beans provide Protein they don’t contain all of the amino acids . As long as you eat mix of Protein sources such as rice and beans you will get plenty of amino acids . Good source of Carbohydrates . But the GI of 150 grams of garbanzo Beans boost a GI of 10 . The GI index ranks foods on a scale of 1 to 100 based on how they affect your blood sugar and insulin. The lower the GI the better the food for a diabetic to eat. Chickpea flour is a anti inflammatory food and has protective benefits against certain diseases . This is because of high fiber content in Beans and legumes that can draw toxins out of inflammatory tract. To minimize the problems prepare your beans from scratch by soaking and throwing away the soaking liquid and cook them in fresh water. Source : HM

           Just mix everything and prepare Dosa and Serve with Tomato Yogurt Raita.

RECIPE for Tomato Yogurt Raita :

                 Heat 1 tbsp Oil and add 1 tbsp Cumin seeds followed by finely chopped tomato. Season with Salt . Cover and Cook till Tomato is soft . Add 1/2 tbsp Curry Powder or Rasam Powder . Cool it before adding to Curd( Yogurt) . To One cup of Yogurt add 1/4 th cup finely chopped Onions , Chopped Coriander and Cooled Tomato mixture. Serve with Instant Cabbage Tomato Dosa .

Recipe for 8 Medium Dosa’s .

Preparation time and Cooking time : Less than 30 Minutes


1. Cabbage – 2 Measuring Cups ( Finely Chopped or in Food Processor)

2. Roma tomatoes – 2 finely Chopped

3. Onion – Medium ( Chopped)

4. Finely Chopped Coriander – 1/2 Bunch

5. Yogurt ( Curd) – 1/4 th Cup

6. Chickpea flour – 1 Cup and 1/4 th cup rice flour  for crispiness 

7. Poha ( Flattened rice) of your Choice ( Red rice Poha or Brown rice Poha or white rice Poha)  – 1/2 Cup

8. Oil – 1 to 2 tbsp

9. Salt , Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp , Carom seeds( Ajwain) – 1/2 tbsp

10. Curry Powder – 1 tbsp ( Blend of Red chilli powder, coriander and Cumin Powder , Garlic and Fresh Coriander)

METHOD :img_3516img_3513img_3517

1. Wash red rice Poha 3 to 4 times ,drain out all Water and  transfer to Bowl . To this add Finely Chopped Cabbage , Chopped Tomato , Chopped Coriander, Onion , Salt , Ajwain , Cumin seeds, Yogurt( Curd) , Curry Powder and Chickpea flour. Mix well by adding very little water. Like Chapathi dough .  Check for salt and Spices and add accordingly.

2 . Heat Pan and Grease with Oil . When the Pan is Warm enough take two big spoonful of Batter and place in the center of the Pan and spread with the spoon  in a Circular Motion .

3. Drizzle Oil over the edges. Fry till Golden Brown .

4 . Repeat the Process with the rest of the batter .  

5 .Serve warm with Tomato Yogurt raita.



Quinoa wrap with Vegetable Spread , Green Beans and sliced Potato img_3443

I prepared these Quinoa Wraps for Dinner . img_3444 EASY WAY to feed Vegetables for Kids is in the form of WRAPS . Kids will like this combination of wraps with vegetable spread , topped with Sliced Potato and Green Beans .The only way my Kids like Quinoa is in the form of Wraps, Dosa and fritters .   May be they don’t like the little bitter taste and smell of Quinoa . But when I cook with Lentils , they won’t notice it and they eat like regular Wrap. I like Quinoa for any Meal . I soaked Lentils along with Quinoa overnight ( because of Green Moong I soaked Overnight ) and grind in the Morning . You can prepare immediately or store in the refrigerator and prepare for Dinner.  Prepare Vegetable Spread , Microwave Green Beans, Cook Potato and refrigerate . It will take less time to prepare Dinner. I’m sharing a link how to prepare Quinoa Wrap . Just four Ingredients and easy to remember measurements. You won’t go wrong with Wrap recipe . Here is the LINK : Mixed Dal Dosa

Vegetable Spread I prepared is with CABBAGE ,CARROT  and Almonds , Pistachio Spice Powder : Simple spread recipe you can prepare ahead of time and refrigerate .img_3446

  1. Chop small Cabbage and Grate 20 Baby carrots ( In Blender) . Heat 1 tbsp oil and cook Cabbage and Carrot . Season with Salt  and a Pinch of turmeric , 1/2 tbsp cumin seeds . Mix in between to avoid burning. Cool before grinding.

2. Dry roast 10 Almonds , 10 Pistachios , 1 tbsp Cumin seeds and 1 tbsp Coriander seeds , 1 or 2 Red chillies , 5 Fenugreek seeds. Cool and grind into Powder with 2 Green Chillies . Transfer to a Bowl .

3. Now grind Cooked Cabbage and Carrots . Transfer to Spice Bowl .

4. Heat 1 tbsp Oil and add cumin seeds. Add this seasoning to the Vegetable .

5. Squeeze juice of lime . Add finely chopped Coriander Leaves. Check for salt and spices and adjust accordingly .

                  OR if you don’t find time to prepare Vegetable Spread . Just fry some SLICED Onions    or Grind Onions Coarsely and pan fry with a tbsp oil ( Season with Salt and Spices ) and Spread on the WRAP . 


                      Microwave Green Beans for 2 1/2 minutes . Pan fry with a tbsp Oil and season with Salt and Black Pepper , Mixed Herbs . Cook Potato . Refrigerate . Before Cooking slice them and season with Salt and Pepper.

METHOD :img_3445img_3441img_3442

1. Heat a wide pan and grease with Oil . Take a big spoonful of  Quinoa  Batter and pour in the middle of the pan and spread in a circular motion. Drizzle Oil on the edges and fry on both sides till light Golden Brown .

2 . Once light brown take 1/4 th cup of Vegetable spread and  spread evenly on the wrap .

3. Place seasoned sliced potato in the middle as shown in the Picture. Top it with Pan fried and seasoned Green Beans .

4. Fold from both sides .

5. Serve warm. 


Crispy Masala Dosa with Tangy Potato Curry and  Spicy Mixed Nuts Chutney .img_3340

  Sometimes I don’t cook regular food and for a change try new recipes for Dinner or for Weekend Lunch. I posted different Dosa recipes but not with only Green  Moong dal . There are many recipes preparing Moong dal Dosa without rice. We are not comfortable eating just Dal Dosa . So I added  rice . Eating Moongdal with Brown Basmati rice together will provide you a Low fat high fiber complete Protein. Protein Sources are divided into complete and Incomplete Proteins based on how many of the essential amino acids they provide.  Amino acids are the building blocks of Protein and  can be essential , Non essential and conditional , some cannot be made by your body .  Our bodies need 20 total amino acids to build and repair muscles and tissues . Plant based food are called incomplete Protein and provide some of the essential amino acids . Beans Brown rice, lentils , nuts, tofu are lacking in one or more types. Rice contains low amount of amino acids that are found in high quantities in Beans. Together they form a complete Protein. Meat , eggs , dairy , poultry and sea food provide all 9 essential  amino acids and are known as complete Protein.  We need essential amino acids in our daily diet . If we don’t get essential amino acids in your body , protein breaks down resulting in muscle loss and problems that need repair. Source : Health Magazines .

                      For preparing the Dosa we need 2 ingredients and overnight Soaking or 3 to 4 Hours. Along with Dosa recipe I shared a Tangy curry recipe used as a stuffing for Dosa . For dipping the Stuffed Dosa I prepared Mixed Nuts Chutney . Good combination for Dosa . Enjoy for Weeknight DINNER or for Weekend Lunch . To make it easier , grind the Batter, Prepare the Curry and Chutney ahead of time and refrigerate. It will very easy to prepare for any MEAL in Less time. 

RECIPE for TANGY CURRY  to spread on DOSA :

            Heat 1 tbsp Oil and Splutter Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds and Curry leaves. Add finely chopped Onions ( Medium) , Bell Pepper( Green ) , Finely chopped Green Beans and Grated Carrots. Season with Salt and Turmeric. Mix well and Cook on Medium flame . Once the vegetables are soft add Boiled and Crumbled Potato ( One) and MTR Puligore powder ( 1 tbsp )  or Curry Powder or Rasam or Sambar Powder , finely chopped Coriander and Mint Leaves . 


               Dry roast handful Peanuts and one more handful Mixed Nuts with 2 red chilli es. Cool the Nuts . In a Blender add 2 Handfuls of dry coconut or Fresh Coconut ,  3 to 5 Curry Leaves , Marble size Tamarind, Salt , 2 Green chillies , 2 red chillies , 3 tbsp roasted Daliya and roasted nuts . Add sufficient water and Blend . Heat 1 tbsp Oil and splutter Mustard seeds , Cumin seeds , Broken chillies . Add this tempering to the chutney along with finely Chopped Coriander Leaves. 

Recipe for 9 to 10 Medium Dosa”s .


1. Green Whole Moong Dal – 1 cup

2. Brown Basmati Rice – 1 cup  

3. Salt

4 . Water for Grinding

5. Oil – 2 tbsp

METHOD :img_3338img_3342img_3341

1. Soak Dals overnight  for 4 to 5 Hours . Wash before and after Soaking.

2. Grind Dal and Rice together with little Salt and Sufficient Water . The batter must be pouring Consistency .

3. Heat a pan and grease with little Oil and wipe off the Oil with Paper towel .

4. Pour the batter in the middle of pan and spread in a circular motion. 4. Drizzle Oil on the edges . Brown on both sides.

5. Take 1/2 cup of Cooked curry and spread evenly on Dosa. Fold the Dosa and transfer to a plate . SERVE with Mixed Nuts Chutney.


Instant Red Rice   ( Flattened Rice)   Tomato Dosa. Taste good on its own or for Kids serve with Tomato raita.img_3252

  Do you like your Dinner or Lunch or Breakfast ready in 10 + 10 minutes.  Healthy  Pancakes /Uttapam/Dosa for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner as it is loaded with Veggies and can be  prepared with very minimum  Oil. No need of any Baking soda or Eno . A major benefit of combining beans and grains is the amino acids they provide . Both beans and grains are incomplete proteins meaning they lack some essential amino acids .Together they compliment one another and provides all of the essential amino acids and can take place of high quality animal protein.

                  Red rice Poha ( Flattened rice) is highly nutritious when we add some Protein and vegetables to it. Red rice is the special variety of rice found mostly in southern coastal regions of South America and is a healthier version to regular Poha which doesn’t go excessive processing and has more health benefits like good source of Iron , fiber , Vitamins and Minerals like Calcium , Zinc , maganese and magnesium . But need to soak for sometime so it will be softer. Red rice or Brown rice Poha are considered to be a great meal option for diabetes as it promotes the slow release of Sugar into Blood stream .It also keep you full for longer time and helps you decrease the desire to eat . High in fiber because of Bran and contains Vitamin B6 . This particular vitamin is required to help the development of serotonin , red blood cells helping in the creation of DNA. B6 helps a lot of systems in your body function .It is good for digestive , immune system , nervous system and cardiovascular .Keep Hair healthy , skin , liver and eyes. Foods high in B6 vitamins are Whole grains , Beans , Nuts , Potatoes and Banana . It helps the body make Melatonin which is important in helping regulate our internal clock .  Deficiency of B6 are cracked lips , confusion , inflammed tongue and mouth and depression .B Vitamins play an important role in converting food into energy and helps the body metabolizes fats and proteins.People who eat balanced diet will get the require amount of Vitamin B6 without taking dietary supplements . Source : HM  .

                      Sometimes I take off from Cooking and Prepare Instant Dosa with Vegetables for Dinner . I prepare Raita day before and refrigerate. Mix Flours with Spices . Chop Vegetables and refrigerate. Then my dinner will be ready in 10 Minutes. 

Recipe for 8 Pancakes and 2 Big Dosa ‘s .

Preparation time : 10 Minutes  and Cooking time: 10 Minutes


1. Red rice Poha – 1/2 Measuring Cup or Poha of your choice

2. Chickpea flour ( Besan) – 1/2 cup

3.  Brown Rice flour – 1/4 th Cup or Hand ful ( For crispiness) or White rice flour ( store bought) or SOOJI ( SEMOLINA) – 1/4 th cup 

4. Yogurt ( curd) – 1/2 Cup

5. Water – 1 Measuring Cup

 6. Tomatoes – 2 Chopped

7. Chopped Onions

 8. Grated Carrots , Bell Peppers  and Chopped Green Beans

9. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

10 . Salt

11. Rasam Powder or Sambar Powder or Curry Powder – 1/2 tbsp

11. Oil – 2 tbsp

METHOD :img_3250

1. Wash Red rice Poha couple of times and drain out all water. Transfer to a Bowl .

2. To this add Chickpea flour , Rice flour , Curd ( Yogurt) , Salt , Ajwain , Spices and Water. Mix without Lumps .img_3254

3. To this batter add Finely Chopped Vegetables( Tomato , Onion , Carrots and Beans ) and finely chopped Coriander Leaves. The batter must be of spreading consistency . 

4. Heat Pan on Medium Heat  and grease with Oil . Pour a Big spoonful of Batter and spread like Pancakes as shown in the Picture .Drizzle Oil on edges .img_3256img_3255

5. You can prepare small Pancakes or Big Dosa.  You can prepare 7 to 8 Pancakes depending on the size of your Pan .img_3251 .  Cook until light Brown on both sides .

SERVE with Tomato Raita .

RECIPE FOR TOMATO RAITA : Heat a tbsp Oil and splutter Cumin seeds . Then add Chopped tomato ( 1 ) . Season with salt and 1/4 th tbsp Rasam Powder. Once tomatoes are soft ( Cooked ) , Switch off the stove and Cool before adding to Curd ( Yogurt) . To Yogurt ( Curd) add finely chopped Onions and Coriander . Add Cooked tomato . Mix well . Serve with Poha Dosa .


Oats Rava Dosa with Urad Flour and Vegetables . Served with Instant rasam.image Soft sponge Dosa. Instant with Veggies . Doesn’t need any side or serve with Instant Rasam. 3 Ingredients . Just mix and prepare Dosa and top it with Finely chopped Vegetables .

                 Add a little Protein  and Veggies for  a complete Meal .   If you like fermented Dosa , then definitely you will like this Dosa. It is not Lacy like regular rava Dosa but Soft , Spongy and tasty because of fermentation. Sometimes we may not find time to Soak and grind Lentils and Grains. Then we look for Instant Dosa ‘s . This recipe is Instant if you don’t ferment and Not Instant if you ferment overnight . Fermented foods contain good bacteria and offers wide range of Health Benefits . Fermented foods improve gut Health and immune system and reduces certain types of diseases. The less processed Steel cut Oats have much lower GI than high processed quick Oats. Low GI foods slow down the rate that glucose ( sugar) gets introduced into your body when compared to foods High in GI cause spike in sugars and crave for sugary foods when glucose levels drop.

                 This Dosa is prepared with Oats, Semolina and Urad flour. If you are looking for a protein friendly diet and Healthy Pulse , then try to Include Urad dal or  Urad flour in your diet. It is good source of soluble and Insoluble fiber which is good for digestion . Good source of Protein, Iron , Calcium , magnesium and Potassium and good for Women.Consuming Urad dal frequently will Boosts your energy. Good source of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat which are required by the body. Source : Health Magazines

                      This Dosa can be Instant but taste good when you ferment .( Fermentation helps in Protein digestion. ) This rava dosa is not Lacy like other Rava dosa because I added  Urad flour.  Instead it is Soft , SPONGY and TASTY as I fermented the batter Overnight. I added Veggies as it for  Dinner. No need of side or you can serve with Instant rasam .You can sprinkle Veggies on pan and pour the Batter or  Pour batter and Sprinkle Veggies on top of Batter and press with Spatula , so they will stick to Dosa . Spend less time in Kitchen and at the same time enjoy tasty , satisfying and delicious food with your family . Add recipe to your Weekend Menu.

Recipe for 7 to 8 Dosa’s .

Preparation and Cooking time : Less than 30 Minutes .


1. Oats – One measuring cup

2. Urad flour – 1/2 cup

3. Semolina or sooji – 1/2 cup

4. Water – 2 1/2 cups or accordingly

5. Salt

6. Cumin seeds

7. Oil – 2 tbsp

8. Finely chopped Coriander leaves

9. Chopped Green chillies and Ginger

10 .  Finely Chopped Vegetables – 1 cup ( Cabbage , Carrot , Onion , Deseeded tomato, Bell Pepper )

METHOD :imageimageimage

1. Mix  Oats, Semolina , Urad flour, Salt , Cumin seeds with 2 1/2 Cups Water. The Water mentioned will be sufficient. Mix to a smooth consistency without Lumps.

2. Ferment Overnight if you like tangy Dosa or in the refrigerator.

3. Heat pan on a Medium / Medium High flame. Stir batter and taste test for Salt . When the Pan is warm enough , grease the Pan with little Oil . Prepare small Dosa.

4. For second Dosa take a laddle full of batter and spread in a circular motion . Sprinkle finely chopped Vegetables , chopped Green chillies Chopped Ginger, finely chopped Coriander leaves  and press with Spatula , so they will stick to the Dosa.

5. Drizzle Oil on the edges to crisp the Dosa. Once the base is light Golden flip the Dosa and cook the other side till Golden Brown .

SERVE with Instant Rasam or they taste good on there own as we sprinkled the Vegetables on Dosa .


Instant   Sweet Potato imageOnion Dosa / Pancakes with Spices . or Spicy Onion Sweet potato Dosa / Pancake ( Not too spicy ) . Serve with Vegetable raita( Yogurt) 

Recipe for 6 to 8 Medium Dosa ‘s / Pancakes .

Preparation time : 15 minutes and Cooking time for One Dosa or 3 Pancakes : 5 minutes 

Do you like the idea of planning your Breakfast nigh before and spend only 5 minutes to prepare Breakfast in the morning .This recipe comes in handy when you don’t have time to Soak and grind.Today I’m sharing a quick Breakfast recipe prepared with Sweet Potato . Sweet Potatoes are available year round in many Countries. One medium spud has 400 percent of your daily needs of Vitamin A as well as loads of fiber , Potassium and provide School age children with size able amounts of their daily  Vitamins. Correcting Vitamin A deficiency with foods higher in Beta carotene will restore Vision .

               Sweet Potato Dosa / Pancakes ( Spicy Dosa or Pancakes as I have added spices to the Batter) is an Instant Breakfast  recipe prepared with 5 Ingredients when we don’t have time for Soaking and Grinding Lentils and Rice . Being a South Indian we eat Idli , Dosa or Uttapam for Breakfast. Sometimes I use some flours to prepare Dosa . That’s how I  got the idea of this Sweet Potato Onion Dosa. After leaving Overnight in the refrigerator, I  prepared for Next day morning Breakfast; the Leftover Batter we ate for Dinner along with Salad after 1 1/2 Day . The mixed Batter stays good for 3 days. You need 10 minutes of Preparation time ( Night Before) if you have Mashed sweet potato and 5 Minutes to Cook 3 Pancakes or One Medium Dosa.

                What does the Dosa / Pancake taste like? You have to try it! Your family will never notice there is Sweet Potato inside . Grinding Onions coarsely  adds nice flavor and taste . There is no need of any Chutney as I have added Spices . You can serve with Cucumber raita  ( Just add grated Cucumber, Grated onion  and chopped Tomato to Yogurt and Season it with Salt . You can add some seasoning by adding Cumin seeds to 1 tbsp  warm oil ) . Sweet Potato Dosa/ Pancake with  Vegetable Curd is right Breakfast to start your day!

INGREDIENTS :image 1. Urad dal flour – 1/2 cup

2. Rice flour – 1/2 cup

3. Sweet Potato – Medium ( Cooked and Mashed)

4. Onion – 1 ( Medium , Grind coarsely with 1 tbsp Cumin seeds)

5. Salt – accordingly

6. Curry Powder – 1/2 to 1 tbsp ( Blend of red chilli Powder, Coriander and Cumin Powder , Garlic cloves and Coriander Leaves with stems)

7. Oil – 2 tbsp

8. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

9. Water –  1 1/2 cup water 


1. Mix Urad flour, Rice flour, Coarsely grinded Onions with Cumin seeds , Mashed Sweet Potato, Salt , Curry Powder, Water and finely chopped Coriander Leaves .

2. Mix well and check for salt and Spices and adjust accordingly.

3. Leave overnight in the refrigerator.

4. Heat a Non stick pan . grease with oil . Prepare  small Pancakes .image For second dosa pour a Big spoonful of batter and spread in a Circular motion.image Drizzle Oil to crisp the edges .image

5. Fry on both sides till Golden Brown.imageServe warm .image