Spinach Lemon Rasam with Idli Sticks. Kids Lunch Box .image

Recipe for 3 People .

Preparation time : 10 Minutes and Cooking time : 10 Minutes

Rasam is a South Indian soup prepared with Dal or without Dal , store bought or Home made Rasam powder with tamarind or without tamarind . It is served with Steamed rice or Idli or Dosa . No South Indian meal is complete without Rasam or Sambar . There are various versions. Today I’m sharing  Spinach Lemon rasam prepared with 3 Dals and Home made rasam powder. Lemon and tamarind add sourness . It is good when you have cold , Cough  and Changing temperatures ( Open the nasal passages and soothes sore throat) . The aroma from boiling rasam will spike your Hunger Pangs and your kitchen will be  filled with aroma ; you feel like drinking it like a soup. It is easy to fix quick Lunch /dinner if you do preparation ahead of time and refrigerate.Bring to boil before you serve  . I served rasam with Idli sticks( Idli is a steamed dumpling prepared with Soaked Dal and Rice , fermented and steamed ) . I cut the Idli’s lenght wise and Pan fried for crispiness because my Kids always except different presentation of food .  Do try , it is a Simple recipe with few ingredients.

Cooking tips for Quick Lunch/ Dinner   or Kids Lunch Box : You can prepare both in Less than 15 minutes. Just follow My cooking tips.

1. Soak dals ( Urad dal – 1 cup  and  Brown Basmati Rice – 1 cup) for 2 hours  , grind and ferment Overnight . Prepare Idli’s Day before  and refrigerate . Pan fry before you serve. 

2. Cook dals  and grind with spice Powder . To this add sufficient water,Salt, Turmeric , Chopped Onions, tomatoes ,Spinach , curry Leaves and corinader Leaves and refrigerate  .

3.  Bring to Boil before you pack or serve.

4. Use Home made Rasam Powder for Ultimate taste .


1. Cooked Dal – 1/2 Cup ( Toor Dal, Channa Dal and Moong Dal )

2. Water – 2 Measuring cups or add accordingly

3. Tomatoes – 2 ( Chopped ) and Chopped Spinach – 2 Big Handfuls

4. Finely chopped Onion – 1 Medium

5. Salt and Turmeric – 1/4 th tbsp.

6. Curry Powder – 1/2 tbsp.

7. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves and Curry Leaves

8. Oil – 1 tbsp. and Ghee – 1/2 tbsp.

9. Seasoning – Urad dal , Cumin seeds and Mustard seeds – 1 tbsp. , Hing – Pinch , Broken Red chillies – 2

10 . Ginger – 2 tbsp. ( Chopped)

11. Rasam Powder – Dry Roast 2 tbsp. Channa Dal , 1 tbsp. Cumin and Coriander seeds each , Fenu greek seeds – 1/2 tbsp. , Black Peppercons – 5,  Red chilli – 1 . Cool the spices and grind with  2 tbsp Coconut ,tamarind and 2 Cloves of Garlic, small piece of ginger  .

12 . Juice of Lime – Half .


1. Grind Dal with Spice Powder and  One Measuring Cup Water.

2. Heat Oil  and Splutter Mustard seeds, followed by Urad dal, Cumin seeds, red chillies , Hing and Curry Leaves.

3. Add dal spice powder water , One More cup water , salt , Turmeric , Curry Powder, Finely Chopped Onions, Spinach and Tomatoes .Bring to boil .

4. Once it comes to boil , Switch off the stove, Wait for a while  and Squeeze Juice of Lime , add chopped Ginger and Corinader Leaves . Add 1/2 tbsp ghee .

5. Check for Salt and Spices and adjust accordingly .

SERVE with Idli sticks.image



 Pan Fried Bread Kachori imagewith   Tasty SWEET POTATO filling and  Steamed Dessert – Weekend Lunch

Recipe for 8  Kachori’s . Preparation time : 20 minutes  and Cooking time : 10 Minutes

Recipe for Steamed Dessert – 4 Cups Preparation time : 10 Minutes and Steaming time : 15 Minutes on High Heat .

                       Place  a big ball of filling inside each Kachori ( Between two Bread slices and Seal the Edges )  , so kids will eat enough Vegetable if they eat 2 Kachori’s .  Kachori’s are actually Deep fried , but I felt there is no need to Deep fry . Tastes good without Deep frying. The filling is very tasty prepared with minimum ingredients . Dried yellow Peas and Curry Powder will suppress the Sweet taste of SWEET POTATO and Kids never notice there is Sweet Potato in the filling. These Bread Kachori and Steamed Dessert are  Perfect for WEEKEND LUNCH . This is first time I tried Steamed Dessert prepared with 5 Ingredients . Just Blend altogether( takes only 5 minutes)  and add Some Chopped Nuts and raisins . Pour in the Steel Cups and Steam for 15 minutes on High Heat . Don’t forget to grease the Steel Cups with Little Ghee . You will love the combination of Ingredients I used for Steamed Dessert with nice aroma from Ghee and Cardamom . TOP the dessert with little Ghee and Cardamom for extra flavor and it is Healthy and inviting Dessert  and for Quick morning Breakfast.

Steamed Breakfast with 5 Ingredients.


1. Bread Slices – 16

2. Dried Yellow Peas – 1/2 Cup

3. Sweet Potato – 1 Big

4. Onion – 1/2 Cup Chopped and Bell Peppers – 1/2 Cup Chopped

5. Ginger and Garlic – 1 tbsp. ( Grated)

6. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp.

7. Oil – 3 tbsp.

8 . Salt and Turemeric – 1/4 th tbsp.

9. Curry Powder – 1 tbsp.

10 . Finely Chopped Coriander leaves – Big Handful and Mint Leaves – 20 Chopped

METHOD : image

1. Soak Yellow Peas overnight . Pressure Cook with little water , Salt and Sweet Potato When Pressure Comes down , transfer Yellow Peas to a Bowl and Mash with Potato Masher ( not too fine paste) . Peel the skin of Sweet Potato , mash it .

2. Heat 1 tbsp. Oil and sauté Onions  and Bell peppers with little Salt , turmeric and Cumin seeds . Once Onions are Brown add Ginger , Garlic Paste . Fry for Couple of Minutes .

3. Add Cooked Yellow Peas, Mashed Sweet Potato, Curry Powder . Mix well . Add One more tbsp. Oil . Cook for Couple of minutes . Switch off the stove and add Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves and Mint leaves . Check for salt and Spices and adjust accordingly .

4. Cool the filling. Divide into 8 equal Portions . With the help of a Coffee Lid Cut BREAD SLICES into Round circles .

5. Sprinkle water on each Bread Circle . imagePlace the filling Ball and press little and Cover with another Bread slice and SEAL the edges .

6. Repeat the Process with other Bread slices . Heat Pan on Medium/ Medium High heat . Pan fry the Bread Kachori on both sides till imageGolden Brown . Drizzle Oil when flipping.



Recipe for 4 Cups . Preparation time : 5 Minutes and Steaming time : 15 minutes on High Heat . Place the Plate in Pressure Cooker and Pour 2 Cups water and keep the Cups directly on the Plate . Steam like Idli .


1. Almonds and Cashews – Handful each

2. Milk ( 2 Percent Milk) – 12 Ounces ( 1 and 1/2 glass)

3. Jaggery  ( Brown Sugar) – 1/2 Cup ( Measuring Cup ) or accordingly

4.  Organic Quick Oats – 1/2 Cup

5. Cardamom – 3

6. Ghee – 1 tbsp.

7. Chopped Nuts and Raisins

METHOD :image

1. To a Blender add Cashews , Almonds , Cardamom , Jaggery( Brown sugar), Oats  and Milk . Blend altogether . Taste for the Sweetness and add accordingly. Add chopped Nuts( Cashews , Almonds and Pistachios ) and Raisins .

2.  Grease the Cups with GHEE . Pour in the Cups ( 3/4 th of the Cup)

3. Fill the Pressure cooker with 2 Measuring Cups Water or till the top level of the Plate .

4. Place the Cups on the Plate . Cover with lid and Steam for 15 minutes on High Heat without Pressure . When the Pressure comes down remove the cups and top it with little GHEE and CARDAMOM POWDER .

5. Serve warm or if you refrigerate warm for 1 and 1/2 or 2 Minutes in Microwave . ( Place the steel cup in a microwave  SAFE bowl and warm . Stop the microwave for every 30 minutes ) or SERVE WARM.


Tomato rice with Farm fresh Tomatoes .img_1703 Kids Lunch Box Idea.

Last week me and My family went to farm and bought farm fresh organic tomatoes and other Vegetables . The tomatoes are ripe and flavorful .I used in Curries, Dal and Rasam and still has some left. I want to try a recipe which I never tried before especially for Kids Lunch Box. I heard about tomato rice , but never tried. I use to wonder how Cooked rice , tomato and spices taste good. But I tried. Believe me now it is one of my favorite rice recipes and approved by my kids . I served with raita and Papad. It is a kid friendly recipe as I have used mild spices but still delicious and flavorful  with minimum Ingredients . Give it a try because it is a Simple and easy recipe if you do preparations night before and it will take 10 minutes to Cook in the morning. Here is the recipe .

Recipe for 3 People .

Preparation time : 15 minutes  and Cooking time : 15 minutes

INGREDIENTS: img_16981. Basmati Rice – 1 cup ( raw) or Red rice or Brown Bamati rice or Rice of your choice.

2 . Tomatoes – 3

3 . Onion – Medium ( Cut length wise)

4. Garlic cloves – 2 ( grated)

5. Ginger – 1 tbsp. ( Grates)

6. Sambar Powder or Rasam Powder – 1/2 tbsp.

7. Pav Bhaji masala – 1/2 tbsp.

8. Oil – 3 tbsp.

9. Curry Leaves – 5 and finely chopped Coriander Leaves .

10. Seasoning : Channa Dal – Handful , Peanuts – Handful , Urad dal – 1 tbsp. , Cumin and Mustard seeds- 1 tbsp. each , Red chillies – 2 .

METHOD :e0c36026-3fc6-44db-b928-360b29147bec

1. Soak Basmati rice for 10 minutes and wash 3 to 4 times . Drain all water and add 2 cups Water for 1 Cup rice , 1 tbsp. Oil . I cooked in Rice cooker.  Once Rice Cooked Cool it down before adding to the Vegetables . So the rice will have the texture .

2. Heat 1 tbsp. Oil and add Channa Dal , Peanuts . When Channa dal and Peanuts are light brown add Urad dal , Cumin seeds , Mustard seeds, Red chillies , Curry Leaves and Onions.

3. Saute Onions until light Brown without lid. img_1697

4. Once Onions are Brown add Finely chopped tomatoes , Season with Salt , Sambar powder , Pav Bhaji Masala and 2 more tbsp. Oil . Mix well and cover with lid .

5. Once tomatoes are soft and well cooked add Cooked and Cooled Basmati Rice and mix well , so the rice is coated with tomato mixture . img_1701Check for Salt and Spices and adjust accordingly . Garnish with finely chopped Coriander Leaves. Wait 10 minutes before you serve . So the rice will absorb the juices of tomato and spices and will be fluffy .

Serve with RAITA and PAPAD . img_1706


RICE with LENTILS ,Vegetables IMG_2346 and Spices . Cooked in Rice Cooker and Served with Raita ( Yogurt with Onions , Tomato and Seasoning).


Recipe for 2 to 3 People if served with SALAD and DESSERT.

Preparation Time : 15 Minutes

 and Cooking Time : 15Minutes


1.Basmati Rice – 1 Cup

2. Yellow Moong Dal – 1/2 Cup

3.Vegetables – 1 Cup ( Finely Chopped .Green Beans, Carrots , Green Peas and Corn)

4. Tomato – 1 ( Chopped)

5. Water – 2 Cups

6. Salt as Per taste

7. Oil – 4 tbsp. and 1 tbsp. Ghee

8. Red Pepper Flakes – 1 tbsp.

9 . Whole Garam Masala – Cinnamon – 2 small  sticks ,

                                                       Cloves -5 ,

                                                       Cardamom – 2 ,

                                                       Bay Leaves -3

10. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp.

11. Mint Leaves – 7 ( Finely Chopped)

12. Coriander Leaves – Finely Chopped .

13. Potato – 1 ( Cut into Cubes)


1. Soak Basmati Rice and Yellow Moong Dal for 20 to 30 Minutes .

2. After 20 Minutes .  Wash Rice and Yellow Moong Dal 3 to 4 times .                              Pour Rice and Yellow Moong DAL in RICE COOKER.  Add 2 Cups of Water and Little Salt . Taste the Water to Check whether Salt is Sufficient .

3. Heat 4  tbsp. Oil  and 1 tbsp. Ghee . Once Oil is heated add Cumin seeds, Cloves, Bay Leaf , Cardamom and Cinnamon . Switch off the Stove and add Chopped tomato ‘s, Vegetables  and Potato to the Oil .

4. Mix and add this Oil seasoning to the Rice and Dal along with Tomato’s , Potato and Vegetables . Add Red Pepper Flakes, finely Chopped Coriander Leaves and Mint Leaves .

5. Cook in the Rice Cooker. It will take about 15 Minutes to Cook in the Rice Cooker.

SERVE with Raita ( YOGURT with Onions and Tomato)

RAITA ( Yogurt with Onions and Tomato’s) :IMG_2345

To One Cup of Yogurt add 1/4 TH Cup Finely Chopped Onions , 1/4 th Cup Finely Chopped Tomato , Little Salt and Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves .

                                  Heat 1 tbsp. Oil and add 1/2 tbsp. Cumin seeds .

                    Switch Off the Stove , Cool it before adding to Yogurt. Add this Cumin seed Oil to the Yogurt Mixture.

SERVE this Raita with Khichidi.



Indian Cluster Beans(Gavar) with Baby Potatoes and Almond Jaggery ( Brown sugar) spice Powder .6439ed66-21f4-470a-ad11-f65eaf3d2117

Indian Cluster Beans is an annual legume and are very common in India especially in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra . Cluster Beans are known as Gavar in Hindi and Guvar nu shaak in Gujarathi. This vegetable is obtained year round . It is Heart healthy because it is low in Calories , fat and good source of fiber and Protein. Healthy vegetable for diabetics because it helps in controlling Blood sugar levels in the body . Low in GI . Good source of Iron and Calcium and fills up the deficiencies of these minerals and increase Hemoglobin production. it is helpful in keeping the digestion tract Healthy and prevent certain illnesses related to digestion .          Source : HM

Indian Cluster Beans are soft, Creamy and Bland vegetable . Eating plain is not going to satisfy you . So we need to add ingredients to make it delicious . This recipe needs every day ingredients and serves 4 . I already shared 2 recipes with Indian Cluster Beans . Today I’m sharing a little sweeter Version of Spice Powder with Almonds and Jaggery (Brown Sugar) . Pick tender Cluster Beans and trim the top and bottom side. Matured cluster Beans are chewy. FAST way to cook is Pressure cook with very little water . Cool them in a wide plate so the Curry won’t be Mushy .  Dry roast Almonds, Peanuts and sesame seeds  and Spices . When spices are dry roasted the flavor will be at Peak and add great flavor and taste to the Curry. Another STAR INGREDIENT for the recipe is garlic chutney powder . Simple , easy and tasty side dish that you can enjoy with Phulka or Plain Paratha .

Here is the Recipe for 4 People .

Preparation time : 15 minutes  and Cooking time : 15 Minutes


1. Indian Cluster Beans – 5 Handfuls

2. Baby Potatoes / Potatoes of your choice

3. Onion – 1 Medium ( grind Coarsely)

4. Garlic – 4 ( Peeled and Crushed)

5. Salt as per taste

6. Oil – 3 tbsp.

7. Mustard seeds and Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp. each

8. Turmeric Powder – 1/4 th tbsp.

9. Garlic Chutney Powder – 2 tbsp.

10 . Finely chopped Coriander leaves

11. Juice of Lime – 1/2

SPICE POWDER – Dry roast Handful of Peanuts, Almonds , 2 tbsp. Sesame seeds, 1 tbsp. Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds – 1tbsp  2 Red chillies .Cool the spices and grind  with 1/4 th Cup dry coconut , 2 tbsp. Garlic Chutney Powder and 2 tbsp. of Jaggery /Brown Sugar .

METHOD:img_0736img_07401. Cut Indian cluster Beans ( 2 INCH size) and Pressure Cook with Baby Potatoes , little Salt and very little water for 2 Whistles. When Pressure comes down Cool the Cluster Beans and Baby Potatoes in a wide Plate. No water will be left.

2. Heat 2 tbsp. Oil and fry Coarsely grinded Onions with little Salt , Cumin and Mustard seeds, Turmeric , Crushed Garlic and Curry Leaves .

3. Once Onions are brown add Cluster Beans with Baby Potato . Add One more tbsp. Oil and fry till it is dry ( take about 3 to 5 minutes)

4.After 5 minutes add spice powder and Mix gently . Switch off the stove and garnish with finely Chopped Coriander Leaves.

5. Squeeze juice of Lime and Check for Salt and Sweetness and adjust accordingly . SERVE with INDIAN BREAD (Phulka or Plain Paratha)


OInstant oats Poha(Flattened Red Rice)  img_0959 Semolina Idli with Instant Green Squash (Lauki) Sambar .

I have a big Green Squash in the refrigerator and I want to Prepare Sambar ( Vegetable Stew) with Squash and left over Vegetables. A quick fix for dinner. Perfect combination for Sambar is Idli . Idli is a traditional Breakfast ( We can even eat for Lunch/Dinner) made in every South Indian household and is popular through out India. Idli is prepared by fermenting Lentils and Rice ( Soaking, Grinding and Fermenting the Batter)and steamed. I don’t have fermented batter( I soak Urad Dal n Split Green Moong Dal for an hour ) to prepare Idli , so I look into my Pantry to prepare Instant Idli. I never tried Idli with Oats . Thought I will give a try. Oats are bland in taste so I added Semolina , Red rice Poha( Fattened rice) , Chopped Vegetables and Yogurt . Yogurt cut down the blandness of Oats and gives tangy taste like fermented Idli’s . Tempering adds additional flavor and I added Eno for Light and Soft Idli’s . Some interesting facts I read about Oats it is high in Soluble fiber which may help lower bad Cholesterol and helps you feeling full for longer . It is low in GI. Oats have incredible Health benefits which can improve blood pressure control , reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease . Semolina is made from durum wheat a hard variety of Wheat . It is low in fat with Vitamins E and B . Red rice poha is a special variety of rice high in fiber because of the bran and good source of Iron.  If you want to enjoy Instant Oats and Poha Idli make it Tasty and Healthy as Possible.

I have shared recipe for both Instant  Oats Idli and Instant Green Squash Sambar.

Recipe for 24 Idli’s . Preparation time : 10 Minutes Cooking Time : 13 Minutes .


1. Red Rice Poha or Poha of your Choice  -1/2 cup 

2. Oats – 1 /2 measuring Cup

 3. Urad Dal -One cup  ( soak for an hour) 

4. Curd – 1 Cup if you don’t want to ferment.

5. Water – add accordingly

5. Salt to taste

6. Oil – 2 tbsp.

7. Eno Salt – 1 tbsp. Note : if you don’t want to use ENO , ferment batter overnight. Fermented batter – Soft n fluffy Idli’s 

8. Green Chillies – 2 Chopped

9. Ginger – 2 tbsp. ( Optional)

10. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves – 1/4 th Cup

11. TEMPERING : Urad dal , Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds – 1 tbsp. each , Channa Dal – 2 tbsp. , Curry Leaves – 5 

12.Finely chopped Vegetables of your choice( optional ) 

METHOD: img_09601. Dry roast Steel cut Oats for 3 to 4 Minutes and grind into fine Powder.

2. Heat tbsp. Oil and Splutter Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Urad dal , Channa Dal , Cashews (Optional) , Curry Leaves. When Lentils turn light red add Green Chillies , ginger and Curry Leaves. Add Sooji and fry till light Brown. Cool the Mixture.

3. Wash Red rice poha .

4. Mix Urad Dal batter ,  Red rice Poha , Oats Powder, Curd, Grated Carrot and Chopped  Vegetables  . Mix well . If needed add  Water Slowly and Mix without Lumps . Check for Salt and adjust accordingly . Keep aside for few minutes till you grease the Plates with Oil . 

5. Grease Idli Plates with little Oil.

6. Add Eno fruit salt to the batter and Mix well .

7. Pour 4 tbsp. spoonful of batter in each mould.img_0957 Stack the Plates and Place in a Pressure Cookerimg_0914 . 8. STEAM without Pressure for 13 Minutes on High Flame.img_09138. After 13 minutes Switch off the stove . Let it rest for 10 Minutes. With the help of a Wet spoon Scoop out the Idli’s .

SERVE them with Instant Green Squash ( LAUKI) Sambar. 

RECIPE for Instant Green Squash ( Lauki) Sambar:img_0955

1.  Sambar Paste :Dry Roast 1/4 th cup  Channa Dal , 1 tbsp. Cumin seeds and Coriander seeds each , 10 Pepeer cons, 2 Red chillies , 1/4 th tbsp. Mustard seeds, 5 Fenu greek seeds . Cool the Spices and grind with Marble Size Tamarind, 2 tbsp Dry or fresh coconut , little Salt and 1/2 Glass Water  .

2. Chop Medium Size Onion, 2 Tomatoes,  Baby Carrots , 3 Potaotes and Big Green Squash 

3. Heat 1 tbsp. Oil and fry Onions with Little salt and 1/4 th tbsp. Turmeric. Once Onions are Brown add 4 Crushed Garlic and 2 tbsp. Chopped Ginger. Fry for Couple of Minutes.

4. Add all Chopped Vegetables, Sambar Paste , 2 tbsp. Jaggery or Brown Sugar, Curry Leaves and One more Glass Water. Bring to Boil .

5. Heat 1 tbsp. Oil and 1 tbsp. Ghee and Splutter Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp. each , BROKEN Red Chillies – 4 , Hing . Add this tempering to Vegetable Sambar. Check for salt and Sweetness and adjust accordingly.