Bottle Gourd

with Yogurt ( Lauki Raita)

                     Bottle Gourd ( Lauki)  Raita is Simple , easy to make and Delicious side dish for Lunch / Dinner . A perfect Cooler for Warm Weather . Bottle Gourd  ( Lauki) has bland taste and to make it Palatable for Children I combined cooked Lauki with Yogurt and flavored with ginger , Coconut Mixture and tadka .

                         Ayurveda recommends making a batch of fresh Yogurt to be consumed each day which helps in digestion and filled with beneficial bacteria that kills harmful viruses . Spices not only provides Health benefits but also flavor the food. Coconut low in Sodium , High in manganese , no Cholestrol  but high in Saturated fat . You can safely use dessicated coconut in Occasional foods . It is a common Ingredient in Indian Cooking which adds texture and flavor to the Curries. It is commonly used in Stir fries and Desserts . Last but not least Green Chillies slows down the aging process and protects body against free radicals and Cancer . Green chillies are must in Indian Meal to make food tasty and Spicy . Eating Green Chillies is always better than adding Red chilli Powder to the food . Chillies turn out red after dry and loose their nutrition .Source : Health Magazines 

Take a look at the recipe which is prepared with Minimum Ingredients .


1.Bottle Gourd ( Lauki) – 1 Cup (  Peel Bottle Gourd  and chop into bite size pieces . Cooks fast in Seasoning )

2. Yogurt ( Curd) – 1 and 1/2 Cup

3. Onions – 1/4 th Cup ( Chopped)

5. Tomato – 1 ( Chopped)

6. Curry Leaves- 5

7. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

8. Salt as per taste

9. Dry Coconut – 1/4 th Cup

10 . Green Chillies – 2 to 3  and Ginger – 2 tbsp

11.Seasoning – Urad dal -1 tbsp. , Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp. , Mustard seeds – 1/2 tbsp. , Broken Red Chillies – 4

METHOD :img_0224

1. Heat 2 tbsp. Oil and add Urad dal, Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Broken Red chillies and Curry Leaves . Once urad dal is brown add Chopped Lauki ( Small Bite size Pieces) and Cook on Medium flame with lid Closed  till the Vegetable is soft.  Season with little SALT . It will take approximately 5 Minutes . Once the Vegetable is soft switch off the stove and Cool it before adding to the Yogurt.

2. Grind Coconut with Green Chillies and Salt . Add to the Yogurt .

3. To One and Half Cup of Yogurt add Finely Chopped Onions , tomato , Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves , Coconut mixture , Cooked Bottle Gourd ( Lauki) along with SEASONING . Check for Salt and adjust .

4. Add finely Chopped Ginger too

SERVE with Jeera Rice / Biryani/ Phulka / Pulav / Plain Paratha