Green Moong Cranberry Spinach curry – Instant pot – Side for Roti ( Indian whole wheat  Bread) or with Steamed rice 

If you cook Green moong curry to serve with Phulka or Plain paratha ( Indian Bread) , do try this new recipe with Cranberries  . I add Cranberries when I cook dal and we liked the taste. So , I added  to Green Moong dal curry and turned out good , adds little tangy taste  . I tried in Instant pot . It turned out good with right consistency and no burnt bottom. Dal is Protein for vegetarians and adding Spinach adds more nutrition . I added mild spices  so that  Kids can  enjoy it without troubling. You don’t need to monitor . Just transfer the ingredients and done in less time. It takes 10 minutes to gather Ingredients and chopping. Check recipe for the amount of water , dal and other ingredients to add. 

After reading the Health Benefits of Cinnamon I’m adding when ever I cook rice or Sprinkle Cinnamon powder at the end. A study by the U.S . Agricultural Research service noted that Cinnamon’s to help those suffering from Type 2 diabetes reduce blood sugar levels and aid in processing insulin. 2 spoons contain high levels of manganese , fiber, potassium and Calcium . It is also considered a strong antioxidant . Helps in  prevention of Blood clots and also acts as an anti – inflammatory . Seasoning foods that are high in carbohydrates with cinnamon helps reduce the impact those foods on blood sugar levels . Source : HM 

Recipe for 3 to 4

Preparation time and Cooking time : Less than 30 minutes 


1. Whole Green Moong dal  – 1/2 Cup raw ( Soaked  )

2. Water – 1 1/2 cup ( Measuring cup )

3. Vegetables – Onion – medium ( chopped) , Tomatoes – 2 ( finely chopped) , Garlic cloves  – 4 ( Peeled and chopped)  and CRANBERRIES – Handful ( washed) 

4. Oil – 2 tbsp  and Cumin seeds – 1/2 tbsp 

5. Spice powders – Red chilli powder , Coriander and Cumin powder – 1/2 tbsp each  and Salt accordingly  or Sambar powder and Curry Powder – 1/2 tbsp each 

6. Spinach – 3 to 5 handfuls( finely Chopped) to add at the end . 


1. Turn Instant pot on saute mode. When warm add 2 tbsp Oil . Add crushed garlic and cumin seeds. Followed by finely chopped Onions. Season with salt and turmeric powder( 1/4 th tbsp)  . Close with lid and fry till onions are light Pink  .

2. Add finely chopped tomatoes and cook for couple of minutes . Stir in between. 

3. Add Soaked green moong dal, washed cranberries, red chilli powder , coriander and cumin powder ( or Sambar powder and Curry powder or Chole masala powder ) , water . Mix well . 

4. Close the lid. Manual 5 minutes. Unplug when you see Low.  QPR after 10 minutes.

5. Open the lid and add chopped Spinach . Mix . Taste for salt and Spices and add accordingly .

                  SERVE with PHULKA or PLAIN PARATHA ( Indian whole wheat Bread) 


RIDGE GOURD  Lentils CURRY with steamed rice ( PIP Cooking) – Instant pot with Gongura Channa dal stir fry in Instant pot  , Eggplant stir fry with Bajra roti . AND RAW MANGO PEANUT CHUTNEY .

This is the first time I tried ridge gourd in Instant pot . PIP cooking with steamed rice.  You can serve with Steamed rice or Roti ( Indian Bread) . For a change I served with Bajra roti . It’s not Dal and Lentils are not mashed and holds shape  once you finish cooking  . Important ingredient I  added is tamarind for sourness. Don’t skip tamarind or squeeze juice of Lime at the end. Spices to add are Curry powder and Sambar powder ( Homemade or store bought) . Don’t skip Green chili paste , Ginger and Garlic . Add flavor and taste. Along with Ridge gourd Lentils curry  I prepared Eggplant stir fry , Gongura stir fry to finish Left over vegetables . Raw mango peanut chutney .  Here is the Simple recipe prepared with every day Ingredients . 

Recipe for 3 


1. Lentils – Channa dal , Moong dal and Toor dal or Masoor dal – 1/2 cup

2. Water – 1  1/2 cup 

3. VEGETABLES – Ridge gourd – 3 ( Peel the skin and chop into 3 inch long pieces ) , Onion – 1 ( finely chopped) , Garlic – 6 cloves( Crushed ) , Ginger – small piece – grated , Green chilli paste – 3  and Tomatoes -2 ( chopped) 

4. Tamarind – Marble size or Juice of Lime ( Important Ingredient) 

5. Red chilli powder  or Curry powder – 1 tbsp and Sambar powder – 1 tbsp ( available in Indian stores 

6. Oil – 2 tbsp and Ghee – 1 tbsp ( to add at the end) 

7. Seasoning – Urad dal – 1 tbsp , Cumin and Mustard seeds – 1/2 tbsp each and Red chillies – 2 

8. Finely chopped coriander Leaves 


1. Turn IP on saute mode . When warm add Oil followed by Black split urad dal , Mustard seeds , Cumin seeds and Red chillies . Add finely chopped Onions. Season with Salt and Turmeric. Fry onions until light pink.

2. Add crushed garlic, Green chilli paste , Grated ginger. Fry for a minute. 3. Add soked and washed lentils, water , chopped tomato , Ridge gourd, Sambar powder and Curry Powder .

3. Add Tamarind ( Important ingredient) or squeeze juice of Lime at the end .

4. Mix well . Close lid. Manual 7 minutes. Unplug when you see Low . NPR .

5. Open the lid . Add Ghee and finely chopped coriander . Taste for Salt and Spices and add accordingly .


 BAJRA ROTI: Recipe for 8 to 10 medium roti’s 

I took equal quantities of Bajra flour and Wheat flour . Add grated boiled potato , salt and Spices ( I  add 1/2 tbsp Sambar powder) . Add water slowly . Refrigerate for 30 minutes and then roll Phulka or Paratha .




Instant pot Chickpeas Masala curry with Oats Paratha – 5 ingredients

If you cook chickpeas curry frequently for Lunch /Dinner , then try this new Chickpeas Masala curry prepared with Homemade Masala Powder. Not only for flavor but enhances the taste of the curry . By the time you prepare Paratha or Phulka your curry will be ready  in Instant pot . Enjoy warm dinner without loosing its flavor and taste.  It is simple recipe that you can prepare in the morning to pack for Lunch Box. You can prepare Masala powder in your free time and refrigerate it . To go along with it I prepared Oats Paratha . This is the first time I tried Oats Paratha with wheat flour. They are soft and you don’t find  any difference from regular paratha . Sharing recipe at the end of the post. Here is the recipe with few ingredients .

Recipe  for 3  . Preparation time : 15 minutes Cooking time : Less than 15 minutes 


1 cup – One measuring cup 

1. Cooked chickpeas – 1 cup or Canned Chickpeas 

2. Vegetables – Onion – medium ( finely chopped) , Garlic – 4 cloves ( Peeled and crushed) , Ginger – small piece grated , Tomatoes – 2 ( finely chopped) , Potatoes – 3 ( Peeled and cubed – 12 pieces)

3. Water – 1/4 th cup

4. Oil – 2 tbsp , Salt – accordingly , Turmeric – 1/4 th tbsp , Cumin seeds and Mustard seeds – 1/2 tbsp each . Ghee – 1/2 tbsp ( optional) 

5. Masala Powder – Dry roast 5 Almonds , 2 tbsp sesame seeds , 1/2 tbsp  Cumin seeds, 1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds, 2 cloves , 2 cardamom, small cinnamon stick and 2 red chillies . Cool and grind with 2 tbsp Coconut . RED CHILLI POWDER or Sambar powder – 1/2 tbsp 

Finely chopped Coriander and Mint leaves . 


1. Turn IP on saute mode . When warm add Oil followed by Mustard seeds and Cumin seeds . Add finely chopped Onions . Season with salt and turmeric. Mix . Close the lid and cook until Onions are light pink .

2. Add crushed garlic and Grated ginger. Fry for a minute.

3. Add finely chopped tomatoes. Cook for couple of minutes or until tomatoes are soft.

4. Add red chilli powder or Sambar powder, Chickpeas, cubed potato and water. Mix well .

5. Close lid. Manual 7 minutes . NPR ( 10 minutes) .

6. Open lid and add HALF of the masala powder and Ghee . Mix gently . 

7. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly . Garnish with finely chopped Coriander and mint leaves . 


1 cup – One measuring cup 

1. Mix 1 1/2  cup Wheat flour with 1 1/2 cup Oats flour and little salt . Add One cup milk . Mix . Add 1/2 cup water slowly and mix well . Add 1 tbsp Oil and knead the dough .  Rest for 10 minutes while you chop Vegetables for  Chickpeas Curry .


1. Add Oil to pressure cooker followed by Cumin seeds and Mustard seeds. Add finely chopped Onions . Season with salt and turmeric. Mix well and fry onions till light brown .

2. Add Crushed galic and ginger. Fry for a minute.

3. Add finely chopped tomatoes. Cook for couple of minutes. Add 3/4 th  cup water , Soaked Chickpeas, Cubed potato  and red chilli powder . Close the lid.

 Pressure cook for 4 whistles .

4. When Pressure comes down , open the  lid and add Ghee, Masala powder and finely chopped Coriander and mint leaves.

5. Taste for Salt and Spices and add accordingly .

                        SERVE WARM with OATS WHEAT FLOUR PARATHA. 


Instant Pot Stuffed Tindora with Pumpkin seeds spice powder 

If you cook Tindora frequently do try this easy to prepare Stuffed Tindora in Instant pot.   Takes very less time when compared to stove top . No stirring and monitoring. Once you taste it ,you will forget to eat grains, Tindora is good source of fiber and suggested for Diabetic people as it won’t spike Blood sugars . Cook with minimum oil . I didn’t add any water and no burnt bottom. I stayed in the kitchen till I unplug it. I tried many  stuffed vegetables without adding any water and no burnt bottom . I like trying new spice powders to Stuff the vegetables. For today’s recipe I tried Pumpkin seeds Spice powder. Do try and your going to love this new taste of Stuffed Tindora.  Serve with Steamed rice or Phulka( Indian Bread) with Dal and Raita o with Scrambled Egg . 

Recipe for 2 


1. Tindora – 30 Medium and thin ( Wash and make a slit in between to stuff with the spice powder )

2.  Pumpkin seeds Spice Powder  – Dry roast 1/2 tbsp Cumin seeds, 1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds , 3 to 4 red chillies , 1/4 th tbsp Mustard seeds , Few fenugreek seeeds. Cool and grind with Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts , Roasted Peanuts – 20 , Roasted sesame seeds – 2 tbsp , 1/4 th cup dry coconut , Dry mango powder or Tamarind and 4 cloves of Garlic with Salt . Note : You can add Red chilli powder instead of Red chillies .

3. Oil – 3 tbsp 

 4. Salt – accordingly and Turmeric -1/4 th tbsp ( Optional) 

5. Finely chopped Coriander and Mint 


1. Wash Tindora 4 to 5 times. Make a slit in the middle to Stuff the spice powder.

2. Turn IP on saute mode . When warm add Oil and Tindora. Season with Salt . Mix well .

3. Close the lid . Manual 5 minutes if tindora are big . Otherwise 3 minutes  . NPR. 

4. Open the lid . Check with Knife whether tindora is cooked .  Keep on saute mode and fry on both sides . It will take 3 to 5 minutes . Unplug and leave in the pot  to crisp the vegetable with the heat left in the pot.

5. Transfer to a Pyrex Bow and stuff the vegetable with Spice powder.

                   SERVE with Steamed rice or with Phulka ( Indian Bread) and Dal or with Scrambled Egg .


Instant Pot Cauliflower Kofta in Creamy  Gravy – 5 Ingredients – Side for Roti with HOMEMADE Masala Powder 

For a variation try this easy to prepare Cauliflower Kofta ( Not deep fried) in creamy tomato gravy for Dinner /Weekend Lunch . I prepared Kofta’s with 5 ingredients and fried in Paniyaram Pan . They turned out crispy as if they are shallow fried. If you don’t have Paniyaram pan you can shallow fry with minimum oil . I chopped  Cauliflower and carrots in my new Kitchen Chopper without using grater . I sometimes use  homemade roasted spice powder in my gravies which enhances the taste and flavor . The gravy is also prepared with 5 ingredients. Here is the simple recipe prepared with few ingredients. 




1. Chopped  cauliflower , chopped carrots, boiled and grated potato ( Wrap the Potato in a wet paper towel and Microwave for 2 minutes ( 1 + 1 minute. Stop fro every minute ) 

2. Flour for Binding

3. Salt , Red chilli powder, Coriander and Cumin powder 

4. Finely chopped coriander

5. Oil – 1 or 2 tbsp 

CHOP CAULIFLOWER and Carrots in the Chopper ( Microwave for One minute or Cook in Instant Pot for 1 Minute ) 

1.  Combine all the above Ingredients . Taste for salt and spices and divide into 12 equal portions. Shape them by greasing your hands with little Oil.

2. Heat Paniyaram Pan on medium heat . When warm add little Oil in each cavity. Place the Kofta’s and cook on 4 sides till golden brown .



1. Tomatoes – 4 ( Microwave for 2 minutes) , Onion – Medium ( Finely chopped) , Garlic cloves – 4 ( Peeled and Crushed) , Ginger –  small piece ( Freshly grated ginger or Paste) 

2. Spices to roast and grind – 5 Cashews , Almonds -3 , Walnuts – 3 and few Pumpkin seeds, Cumin seeds -1/2 tbsp , Coriander seeds – 1/2 tbsp , Cloves – 3 , Cardamom – 2 and small piece of Cinnamon stick . Cool and grind with 2 tbsp Dry coconut .

                                Red chilli Powder – 1/2 to 1 tbsp or CURRY powder – 1 tbsp 

3. Oil – 2 tbsp , Salt and Turmeric .

4. Yogurt  -1/2 cup 

5. Finely chopped Coriander and Mint leaves 


  1. Turn IP on Saute mode . When warm add Oil followed by cumin seeds. Add finely chopped Onions. Season with salt and turmeric.  Fry till light brown . Fry for couple minutes .

2. Add tomato puree with  Homemade Spice powder and Red chilli powder .  Mix . Close the lid. Manual 2 minutes. NPR or QPR . Cool sometime .

3. Open the lid and add yogurt  . Add finely chopped coriander . Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

                           SERVE with Roti ( Indian Bread) or Poori .


Instant Pot Indian Cluster Beans with Special tadka – 5 ingredients – Side for Roti ( Indian Bread) 

You are going to like the new taste of Gavar ( Indian cluster Beans) . Every time I try a new recipe in Instant Pot I’m amazed how it turns out. So far no fail recipes. I just added  very little water to build pressure and no water was left once finished cooking. The rest of cooking I finished in the same pot and tadka which is highlight for the recipe. You feel like eating more vegetable with your Phulka( Indian Bread) . Serve with Raita( Yogurt mixed with finely chopped vegetables( Onion , tomato and grated carrots)  and seasoned with cumin seeds Oil )  and Phulka( Indian Bread)  .

Indian Cluster  Beans is an annual Legume and are very common in India especially in the regions of Andhra pradesh , Maharastra . Cluster Beans are known as Gavar in Hindi and Guvar na shaak in gujarathi . This vegetable is obtained year round and hearty healthy vegetable for diabetics because it is Low in GI ( avoid Potato) and helps in controlling blood sugar levels . Good source of Iron and calcium and fills up the deficinies of these minerals and increases Hemoglobin production . It is helpful in keeping the digestive tract healthy and prevent certain illnesses related to digestion. Source : HM 

Simple recipe prepared with 5 main Ingredients.

Recipe for 4


1. Indian cluster Beans – 5 measuring cups

2.  Vegetables : Onion – One ( finely chopped), Garlic – 6 ( peeled and crushed) , Potatoes – 2 ( Peeled and cubed)

3. Curry Powder – 1 tbsp ( In mortar and pestol) ( Blend of red chilli powder , Cumin and coriander powder , Fenugreek and Mustard powder ) 4 cloves of garlic and fresh coriander 

                            and Red pepper flakes – 1/2 tbsp

4. Juice of  Lime and finely chopped coriander

5. Seasoning : Black split urad dal – 1 tbsp , Cumin seeds and Mustard seeds – 1/2 tbsp each . ROASTED PEANUTS – 1/4 TH CUP 

6. Water – 2 tbsp 


1. Turn IP on saute mode . When warm add 1 tbsp oil and 1/2 tbsp cumin seeds followed by finely chopped Onions. Fry till light brown and add Chopped Indian cluster Beans ( gavar) , peeled and cubed potato . Add 2 tbsp water . Season with Salt and Turmeric. Mix well . 

2. Close the lid . Manual 3 minutes. NPR ( 7 to 10  minutes) .

3. Open the lid . Press Saute and fry for couple of minutes. Transfer to a Pyrex Bowl .

4. Seasoning : Add 2 tbsp Oil . When warm add Split Black Urad dal , Cumin seeds, mustard seeds and crushed garlic . Cool and add Curry Powder and Juice of Lime .

5.Add Cooked Cluster Beans, Potato and fried onions to Tadka ( Seasoning)  . Mix gently . Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

                 Add finely chopped Coriander, Roasted Peanuts  and Red Pepper flakes .

                         SERVE with steamed rice or with Phulka( Indian Bread)  and Raita.