TEN UNIQUE PASTA RECIPES you can serve for DINNER / WEEKEND LUNCH / LUNCH BOX. Prepared with 5 main ingredients and Less Cooking time . Perfectly Cooked Pasta and Vegetables and no burnt bottom .

13. INSTANT POT VEGETABLE MAC AND CHEESE for Lunch / Dinner. Both Pasta and sauce are cooked at the same time . PIP cooking. Now I can prepare my Kids favorite Pasta in less time .

Recipe :


14. ZERO OIL SOUP . With Special Ingredient. Adds flavor and enhances the taste of the Soup . If you are looking for a new Soup to try for your Kids. Try this one. They will eat and drink everything in the Bowl . 


Recipe Link :

http://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress .com/2018/11/16/Zero 

1. VEGETABLE PASTA – INSTANT POT – KIDS LUNCH BOX /DINNER . I cooked in layers. Perfectly cooked Pasta and  Non mushy vegetables. Taste good with or without Cheese. 


2. PASTA IN SPINACH NUTS SAUCE – INSTANT POT – You won’t miss cheese in this pasta recipe . PIP Cooking . I cook Sauce in main pot and Place trivet and cook Pasta along with Sauce. Check recipe for the amount of liquid to add so you can enjoy a tasty pasta which doesn’t taste raw and no burnt bottom . 


3. BARLEY MIXED BEANS SOUP with Pasta and Special Sauce which change the taste of the sauce . 5 ingredients . No need to saute . Just add the ingredients to Pot and enjoy a tasty soup in no time . Taste good warm or cold. Pack for Lunch Box/ Dinner and for Weekend Lunch .

https://vegetarianhomestylecooking2015.wordpress.com/2018/05/08/Instant pot 

4. CHICKPEAS PASTA SALAD WITH SPECIAL TASTE(INGREDIENT) – 5 INGREDIENTS. PIP COOKING . Cooked Chickpeas and Pasta at the same time . You are going to like the soft and creamy taste of Chickpeas , Pasta and other ingredients. Easy to prepare in the morning and taste good at room temperature. One Bowl of salad is  filling and you won’t crave for anything . Serve for Dinner/ Weekend Lunch / Lunch Box 


5. SPHAGETTI WITH CHERRY TOMATO SAUCE. Don’t miss any ingredient to enjoy this tasty pasta. Older kids can prepare their own Lunch Box. The extra sauce keeps Pasta moist. 


6. PASTA WITH FARM FRESH VEGETABLES WITH Homemade Or store bought dressing. Taste good at room temperature so you can pack for Kids Lunch Box .


7. PASTA LENTIL SOUP with VEGETABLES . Doesn’t need any flour to thicken the soup. Lentils itself will thicken the soup . One pot meal for Dinner /Summer Lunch / Winter Lunch 




9. PASTA WITH DATES SAUCE and Asparagus , Zucchini , shallots etc.If your Kids doesn’t like to eat Dates, hide in their favorite Pasta sauce. They won’t notice. 


10. PASTA with Farm vegetables and Spices. Every thing cooked at the same time .


11. PASTA in WHITE SAUCE . Easy way to hide all bland vegetables which kids doesn’t like to eat in their favorite sauce. They will forget about the vegetables and empty the bowl . PIP cooking with Sauce and Pasta and transferred to the pan for clear presentation .


12. PASTA FOR BREAKFAST . I cooked Pasta in Instant pot . Later Mixed with flours, spices and chopped Spinach .