Instant pot Gongura Chutney 

Gongura ( In Andhra ) is popular in some states. In Marathi it is called Ambaadi, Pitwaa in Hindi , Kenaf in English .  We love Gongura because of its tanginess and health Benefits. I cook atleast Once a week when it is available in Summer  . Good source of Iron. We can prepare Curry ( Short shelf life for 2 to 3  days if refrigerated ) and Pickles which lasts for months.   Gongura is a plant grown for its edible leaves. It is popular in some states . A baby gongura leaf is a full leaf. As the leaf grow older, the leaf splits into 4 or more parts. It is a summer crop and hotter the place , the more sour the leaf gets. It comes in 2 varieties . Green stemmed leaf and Red stemmed . The red stemmed variety is more sour than green stemmed variety . We can prepare many variety of pickles and curries with Gongura . Rich source of Iron, Vitamins , folic acid and antioxidants essential for human nutrition.             

                          Serve with Steamed Rice and Ghee or Oil . For younger Kids mix with steamed rice and tomato Dal .  My eldest Daughter said, ” Taste better than any other leafy vegetable that I ever tasted” . Gongura known as sorrel Leaves in English .               Pulicha Keerai in Tamil , Pandi in Kannada , Pitwa in Hindi  . The chutney  can last for weeks if refrigerated . We finished in 2 days as everybody in my family likes the chutney  as it is kid friendly recipe . You can  add  Curry Powder or Home made spice powder  . Add the Spices and Oil  according to your taste. Simple to make and delicious in taste .

Stays good for more than a week .


1. Gongura = 2 bunches ( Pluck the leaves , Wash 3 to 4 times and dry)

2. Channa dal – 2 handfuls

3. Oil – 6 tbsp

4. Onion – One big ( 3/4 th thinly sliced and 1/4 th onion finely chopped to add at the end)

5. Garlic – 10 cloves ( Peeled and crushed ) 

6. Curry powder – 3 tbsp or Dry roast Mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds . Cool and grind with 3 tbsp red chilli powder

7. Salt accordingly and Turmeric – 1/2 tbsp


1. Turn instant pot on saute mode . When warm add 2tbsp Oil . Followed by cumin seeds , mustard seeds and thinly sliced onions, channa dal . Season with salt and turmeric. Close with glass lid and fry till light brown .

2. Add crushed garlic and green chillies . Fry for couple of minutes .

3. Add dried gongura. Close lid . Manual one minute . QPR . Open the lid and keep in saute mode. Fry till it is dry . Add 2 more tbsp oil , Curry powder or Home made spice powder .

4. Take the inner pot out . Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

5. Add 2 more tbsp oil and finely chopped onions. 

                      Serve with Steamed rice and ghee or Steamed rice and tomato dal .


1. Heat a wide pan on medium flame. When warm add oil followed by cumin seeds, mustard seeds , Channa dal and sliced onions. Season with salt and turmeric. Fry  till onions are light brown .

2. Add crushed garlic and green chillies . Fry for couple of minutes .

3. Add dried and chopped gongura leaves. Fry till leaves are dry . Add 2 more tbsp oil , curry powder or Home made spice powder. Mix well .

4. Switch off the stove. Taste for salt and spices and add accordingly .

5. Add chopped onions and 2 more tbsp oil . Serve with steamed and tomato dal .


Walnut Green Chutney with Jowar Rice flour Roti 

Today’s early Dinner Walnut green chutney with Jowar rice flour vegetable roti . I just packed Sandwich  , Yogurt and fruit for Lunch Box and I know  Kids will be hungry . Prepared special Dinner . Whenever I buy  fresh coriander and mint from Indian stores, first thing that comes to my mind is Chutney. For today’s Chutney I added walnuts instead of lentils. It tasted good. Kids generally eat with steamed rice. But today I prepared roti with Jowar, rice flour , Moong dal and grated vegetables. They are soft and perfect combination for Walnut chutney . 2 Simple recipes you can prepare in less time. Left over’s taste good for next day . You can eat for Breakfast or pack for Lunch Box . Here are 2 Simple recipes . 

                         Next time when you buy Coriander and mint with other Vegetables , buy some Semi riped Tomatoes to try this recipe.  Once you finish preparing this chutney your Kitchen will be full of aroma with roasted spices combined with flavorful Mint and coriander.  Adding little Mint and Coriander bring unique flavor to any dish . Coriander is a good source of Iron and Calcium . Helps those suffer from Anemia and helps keep your Bones healthy and stronger for years . Mint is a great appetizer or Palate cleanser and promotes digestion. Mint leaves are packed with anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and are great for your oral Health.It kills bacteria in the mouth preventing tooth decay , helps tongue and teeth clean and beats Bad Breath. Source : HM .How you Serve  Chutney is up to you? Serve with Steamed rice , Ghee and Papad or as a spread for Sandwich or for Wraps or with Holiday appetizers or Use as Pesto to mix with Cooked Pasta.  If you want to mix with Cooked Pasta , don’t add any seasoning. Add some Oil and Crushed garlic  to the Chutney for more taste and flavor.  

NOTE : Both Chutney and Roti taste good for next day .

Recipe for 4 . Preparation time and Cooking time : Less than 30 minutes 


1.  Dry roast : Walnuts – 1/2 cup , Sesame seeds – 2 tbsp , Cumin seeds and Coriander seeds – 1/2 tbsp ,  fenugreek seeds – 5 and Mustard seeds – 1/4th tbsp , Red chillies – 2. Cool and grind into fine powder . 

2. Coriander – 2 Bunches and Mint – One bunch . Tomatoes – 4 ( chopped) 

3. Juice of Lime

4. Onions – 1/2 cup chopped  and Green chillies – 4 

5. Oil – 4 tbsp to 6 tbsp , Salt and Turmeric – 1/4 th tbsp 

6 Crushed Garlic – 6 cloves 

7. Cumin seeds – 1/2 tbsp


1. Wash Coriander and Mint 4 to 5 times . Chop .

2. Turn IP on saute mode . When warm add Oil followed by Cumin seeds . Add Chopped coriander ,  Mint , green chillies and chopped tomatoes. Season with salt and add 1/4 th tbsp turmeric.

3. Close lid . Manual 3 minutes. NPR . Open lid

4. Cool and Use hand blender . Add Walnut spice powder . Spice Powder absorbs extra moisture. and  adds  texture to chutney .  Transfer to a  Pyrex Bowl .

5. Wash inner pot and add 4 to 5 tbsp Oil . Add crushed garlic and cumin seeds. Add seasoning to chutney . Squeeze Juice of Lime and chopped Onions . Mix well . Taste for salt and Spices and add accordingly . 



Recipe for 10 medium Roti’s .


1 . Jowar flour and Rice flour – 1/2 cup each

2. Yellow Moong dal – 1/2 cup ( Soak for half hour) . Wash 3 to 4 times .

3. Grated Zucchini or Lauki , Chopped onions, grated carrots.

4. Spices – Red chilli powder , coriander and cumin powder and Green chilli paste or Sambar powder – 1 tbsp 

5. Cumin seeds – 1/2 tbsp

6 . Oil – 1 tbsp and salt accordingly

7. Water – 3/4 th cup 


1.  Mix all the above ingredients . Add water slowly and prepare like chapathi dough. Add one tbsp oil to the dough and mix well .

2. Divide  the dough  into 10 equal parts.

3. Heat a wide pan so you can fry in 2 batches.

3. When the pan is warm enough grease the pan with oil . 

4. Take one dough ball and place in between the Ziplock and press with a round bowl for round and even roti ( as shown in pictures)  . Fry till light brown on both sides.

5. Serve warm with Walnut chutney .

Ten more ROTI recipes I tried for BREAKFAST,  KIDS LUNCH BOX and DINNER