Tips on storing Vegetablesimg_0611 for more than two weeks. img_0613 

These Vegetables I bought last week but still look fresh. This is how I store Vegetables and they stay fresh for more than 2 Weeks . I buy Vegetables every 2 weeks.

Note : Ypu can use Paper towels for Wrapping the Vegetables again when they are dry or Use to Clean kITCHEN floor .

1. When I buy Vegetables I air dry them for 2 Hours .  Don’t wash . You need Paper Towel Roll and Plastic Bags or Zip lock Bags to Wrap Vegetables .

           Then Place a Paper towel in a Plastic Bag or Zip lock Bag and keep Vegetables on the Paper towel . Cover the Vegetables with One full sheet or two Single sheet Paper towels . Squeeze out all air and tie a knot in case of Plastic Bag   and same with Zip lock Bag.

2. First week I use Vegetables like Tindora, Okra , Green Squash , Ridge Gourd , Riped Tomatoes ,  Half of the Eggplant  and Bitter gourd  so on . In case of Bittergourd Wrap them individually in 2 single sheets or One full sheet . Place in Plastic bag or in Ziplock Bag . Squeeze out air and tie a KNOT or seal the Ziplock Bag.

3. Following week I use Cauliflower, Cabbage, Carrots ( Half first week and Half second week) , Raw Banana , Arbi , Yellow Cucumber and so on . These vegetables has more Shelf Life.

In case of CAULIFLOWER remove LEAVES . Separate FLORETS and Wrap in 2 full sheets of Paper towel .

4. Weekend whatever Vegetables are left I air dry them for Couple of hours . Again Wrap them with Paper towel and into Plastic Bag or Ziplock Bag.

5. In case of GREEN SQUASH I Use  3 full sheets to wrap .

Same in case of PURPLE EGGPLANT, YELLOW CUCUMBER , RAW BANANA , MANGO . Wrap individually with 2 single sheets.

6. TOMATOES – I buy both Raw and RIPE . First week I use RIPE and following week semi riped or full riped tomatoes and in Boxes . I recycle the Tomato boxes in case I buy them from local store and not in Boxes  . Tomatoes stays good for more than 2 weeks in the Boxes. Every 4 days  I leave them on Kitchen counter for Couple of hours . So they don’t get freezer burn. 


8 . In case of SPINACH I buy prewashed in a Box . I place one Single Sheet on the bottom , MIDDLE  on TOP . I use Spinach for daily Cooking I leave on Kitchen counter for 30 minutes to avoid Freezer Burning.

8. In case of GREEN CHILLIES remove stems and Wrap few  in 3 to 4  full sheet paper towels and into Ziplock Bags . Change Paper towel every 4 days  if any left and Wrap in new Paper towel and  air dry for an hour .

9. GINGER also I wrap in Paper towel  and into Ziplock Bag .

10. CURRY LEAVES , MINT and METHI(FENUGREEK LEAVES) separate leaves from stems and WRAP in PAPER TOWEL and in ZIP LOCK . Squeeze out air and lock it.

11. CORIANDER , CILANTRO , PARSLEY buy with less water sprayed . And use 4  full sheets of PAPER TOWEL for Wrapping few sprigs in each Paper towel   . Store in Ziplock and Squeeze out excess air . Stays fresh for more than  one week.

12. Sorrel Leaves or Ambadi or Gongura : Separate leaves from Stems and Wrap in  a Paper towe land store in  a Plastic Bag or Wrap all leaves in 2 full Sheets and into Ziplock Bag . Squeeze all air from Ziplock Bags.

13. Banana Peppers – Wrap individually in a Single sheet and Place in a Zip lock  Bag and Squeeze out all air. Stays good for 2 Weeks, Change Paper for every 4 days if any left and leave for Couple of Hours on Kitchen counter.


1. In case of Coriander , Green Chilies , Ginger , Spinach whenever you take out leave on Kitchen Counter till you finish Cooking to avoid freezer burning.

2. Remove air from PLASTIC BAG or ZIPLOCK bag before storing. 

3. STORE VEGETABLES in Fruit boxes and Lower Shelf of Fridge.



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