The Salad recipes that I’m sharing doesn’t have any Oil dressing and Salt . Only in 3 Salads I added little Salt while Cooking Beans . The reason I didn’t add any Oil or Salt because the Salads taste good with the natural Sweetness from Fruits , Sprouts and Vegetables  are  beneficial for those who want to avoid Salt and Oil in their diet. We need SALT and OIL in our diet but we can avoid in some foods where we don’t need them like my SALAD RECIPES .

We can lower the risk of many diseases by including  fruits, Vegetables , Lentils , Sprouts and Herbs which contribute to overall Health . If you want to include salads in your diet ( as we are not Cooking)  avoid Produce Sprayed with Chemicals and Choose Organic Produce .

The most nutritious and excellent addition to fresh salad are Sprouts and Beans . Lentil Sprouts contain more  Protein and can be prepared at Home by Sprouting and can be eaten without Cooking. Beans Soaked Overnight and Cooked with little salt are Healthier when Compared to Canned Beans ( If using Canned Beans wash them thoroughly ) .

Herbs ( Parsely , Cilantro , Dill , Oregano , Coriander , Mint Leaves , Basil and thyme)  not only has medicinal properties but also enhance the taste and flavor of Salads . They are easy to grow at home without Chemicals .

Oils and Fats are important for Balanced and Healthy Diet . Fats fills your fat cells and help to keep body warm . Need fat to keep our Skin and Hair Healthy . During exercise our body uses Carbohydrates and later uses the fat to keep you going when food is no longer available .  The fats our body gets from food gives body essential fatty acids called linoleic and linolenic acid . These are called essential because your body cannot make them itself. Your body needs them for Brain development , Control Inflammation and Blood Clotting. Keep Saturated Fat to less than 6 percent of your total daily Calories . Foods with lot of saturated fats are Butter , Cheese , Whole Milk , Ice cream and fatty meats . It is important to read nutrition labels on food to know the kind of fats . Eating Unsaturated fat can help lower your LDL Cholestrol.

SALT . About three quarters of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy. Salt actually helps your body digest food rather than trying to eat itself . Salt also plays a role in digestion and break down food .Not only Salt help control your fluid balance , it also controls the way your Muscles and Nerves work . Our bodies automatically regulate how much Salt or Sodium is present . If levels are too high we get thirsty and drink to speed up the elimination of salt through Kidneys. Sodium is necessary for preventing dehydration , for proper transmission of nerve impulses and for normal functioning of Cells .   Source : HM.



 YELLOW MOONG DAL SALAD: No Oil Salad . I added little SALT .

          1.  Soak 1/4 th Cup Moong Dal . Wash before and after Soaking .

2. After half hour drain out all Water .

3. To this add 1//4 th Cup fresh / dry Coconut ,   Green Chillies ( 2 Chopped) , Ginger ( 2 tbsp.) ,     4 Clementines ( Peeled and Chopped) ,  One  Apple Chopped , Salt , Black Pepper and Honey .



Cucumber Plum Salad with Hung Curd . NO Salt and Oil Salad .

Salad Cucumber -1 ,   Plums -2 , 1/2 Cup Mixed Nuts ,                                                                  1/4 th Cup Hung Curd mixed with Cumin Powder and Black Pepper and  dried Oregano .


BOILED PEANUT SALAD IMG_2179img_0282with APPLE DRESSING . Salt used while Cooking Peanuts. No Oil Salad .

1. Soak Peanuts for 1/2 hour and Pressure Cook it or Microwave with little Salt .

2. Apple dressing – Mix apples with Black Pepper , Honey 2 tbsp. and 1 tbsp. Ketchup . You can add any herbs of your Choice for dressing .( Mixed Herbs)

3. Mix Sugar Snaps – 20 into bite size Pieces , Cabbage – 1/2 Cup ( Finely Chopped) , Salad Cucumber – 1/2 , Grated Baby Carrots – 20 ( Grated) , Boiled Peanuts and Apple Dressing.

Finish off with finely Chopped Coriander Leaves .


SPROUTED MOONG IMG_2181DAL SALAD . NO Salt and Oil Salad .

Mix Sprouted Moong  with One Cup finely Chopped Cabbage – 1 Cup  ,  Salad Cucumber – 1 Cup,  2 Plums and freshly grounded Black Pepper.Garnish with finely Chopped Parsley.

                        Salad will taste good  without Salt because of the Sweetness for Plums .


BLACKEYED BEANS and Navy Beans  SALAD  with Grape dressing : No Oil Salad . Used little Salt for Cooking Black Eyed Beans and Navy Beans .IMG_2177

Mix Cooked Blackeyed Beans and Navy Beans  – 1/2 Cup  

                             with finely Chopped Cabbage – 1 Cup ,

                                                    Sliced red Grapes – 1 Cup ,

Bell Pepper – 1/4 th Cup , Salad Cucumber – 1/2 Cup                                        

                            Crush Gapes ( 20) and Season with   Freshly Ground Black Pepper and  Honey ,  Pumpkin Seeds – 1/4 th Cup .  Add this dressing to the Salad and Garnish with Finely Chopped Cilantro or Coriander Leaves or Mint Leaves  .


FRUIT SALAD/ LETTUCE BOWLSIMG_2176img_0280with Freshly Grounded Black Pepper, Honey ,  finely chopped Mint Leaves  and Pumpkin Seeds  .  Topped with Some Hung Curd .No salt and Oil Salad .


BLACKEYED BEANS GRAPES SALAD with GRAPES DRESSING  . No Oil Salad . Very little Salt used for cooking Black eyed Beans .


Recipe for 2 to 3 People . Preparation and Cooking time : Less than 30 Minutes .


1. Blackeyed Beans cooked – 1 Cup

2. Grapes – 20 ( Cut into Half)

3. Cabbage – 1/2 Cup ( Finely Chopped )

4. Green Bell Pepper – 1/4 th Cup ( Finely Chopped)

5. Pistachios – Handful

6. Grated Baby Carrots – 10

7. SALAD DRESSING : Crush 10 Grapes and add Freshly grounded BLACK Pepper , Cumin Powder and Honey

METHOD : 1. Mix Cooked Blackeyed Beans with grapes , Green Bell Pepper, Finely Chopped Cabbage , Pistachios , Grated Baby Carrots, Finely Chopped Dill or Rosemary ( Fresh or Dried)  and SALAD DRESSING.


WHOLE WHEAT CHICKPEA IMG_2182SALAD with PINEAPPLE dressing  . NO OIl Salad . Little Salt Used .

              Mix 1/2 Cup Cooked Whole Wheat with

             1 Cup Cooked Chickpeas ,

             1/4 th Cup Onions ,

              1 Tomato ( Chopped ),

              1/2 Cup Bell Peppers ,

                 Salad Cucumber – 1 Cup 

             Crush Half Cup Pineapple and  Season with little Salt , Black pepper , Cumin Powder , Red chili Powder , Coriander Powder , Honey and Squeeze Juice of Half Lime . Garnish with Finely Chopped Mint and Coriander Leaves .

SALAD 9:  SWEET POTATO SALAD WITH BLACKEYED BEANS AND FRUITS: Little salt while Cooking Blackeyed Beans and Yellow Peas .No Oil salad.


Mix  1/2 Cup Cooked Blackeyed Beans , 1/2 Cup Yellow Peas , 1/2 Cup grated Sweet Potato and 1 Cup Cantolope . Season with freshly grounded Black Pepper , fresh Coconut ( 1/4 th Cup) , Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves and Italian Seasoning  .




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